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Front Door

So this me entering the world of blogging, for whatever awkward reason i have😝, and some strange belief that someone somewhere will take their time and read my bullshit.😔 91 more words


Like A Sir canvas collage

Omg, these victorian cat paper dolls are so flipping awesome! I’m hoarding them like mad so I decided I really needed to make *something* with at least one of them. 52 more words


The benefits of referring to oneself as 'one'

1. One will sound mysterious and serious, and one will benefit greatly from being considered so

2. One will not have to worry about oneself sounding exclusive by using gender-ed pronouns… 84 more words

First Post

Hi I am a Guy called epicness a.k.a Alex. ALEX THE BAWS. SO WHY AM I DOING THIS BLOG THINGY MAJIGY?  Well, I wanted to say some stuff and lol about. 7 more words

Ye This Happened

Oh, just a snake, wearing hat

We don’t need any reason to watch snakes wearing pretty hats, we just do.
Check out this link on 9gag for more!

High tech moustache lets you sip coffee and make phone calls like a boss

Could this ‘gentlemanly’ high tech moustache be the most suave wearable tech on the planet?

Wearable tech can take many forms and shapes, like a watch, a pair of glasses, or even a normal wristband. 18 more words