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If You Do This, STOP!

For the most part, the blogging community makes me feel warm and fuzzy and very happy. It’s a friendly, supportive bunch of people who genuinely respect and care about one another. 127 more words


I feel for you

I think WordPress, Facebook, and other social media should institute a new button.

When someone has written a beautiful post on a difficult, tragic, or emotional topic, I don’t always feel qualified to comment, but want the writer to know that I have read the post and that I sympathize with them. 78 more words


Smash the "like" button if ...

… it’s raining where you’re at and you’re living to Bob Dylan. Smash that muthafucker!

Creative Writing

If you have reached this page, this is already a good sign for you… and for me !

I have been starting my blog a few weeks ago, and I have already understood that simple “likes” on blog posts and pages don’t mean a thing at all… People, if you don’t open my posts and thouroughly read them, I see no point for you to like them, except loosing your own time. 124 more words

Hows And Whys

"Are you OK?"

“Are you OK?”

When did people stop saying those words to strangers in need? In person, I mean.

Even though we didn’t have a date yet, I knew the day would soon come that my Air Force son would be deploying. 768 more words


Do I really...

…follow your blogs?

Yes, I do. Mostly when your posts appear in my reader.

…read your posts?

Yes, I do. But not always the long ones, when I’ve lack of time. 233 more words


Social Media Confidence

As I’m quiet with God about what to write about, He mentions this, and I begin to cry. Great! I have a feeling I’m about to be more real than I’d like, but when God says, “Write,” I write, so here we go. 295 more words