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The magic of likes

What do you think happens when you press the like button on a blog post? I answer the question for you.

1. The writer of the post will see your like in the notifications. 533 more words

Annas Art


I’ve noticed that I occasionally get likes thirty seconds after posting something.  I find this hilarious as clearly the follower hasn’t even read what I have to say.   321 more words

Wild flowers

Pictures: Just some wild flowers around the RV.

I am surprise sometimes when I see the rough area that these flowers will grow in.

But grow they do. 355 more words


The "Like" button

Bob and I have an ongoing debate about the “like” button.  He will peruse a post but not necessarily fully read it, hitting the “like” button “to encourage” the writer, and then of course, he will leave a comment only if he has something more substantial to say.  309 more words

Other Stuff

Bloke having crisis on Facebook found enjoying himself in pub

A man having an apparent  crisis on Facebook has been found safe and sound, not upset at all and enjoying a pint in his local. 233 more words


Creating Like button functionality in Meteor

Making a “Like” system for user Posts is a pretty common task. I’m going to create a very basic one here. It should go without saying, but needs to be said: it’s the basics. 666 more words


"Like" Button Deleted

There will no longer be a “Like” button in my posts, only in the comment section (I hope). I want people to read my posts; no need for hitting “Like” out of a feeling of obligation, returning a favor or some similar reason. 19 more words