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You think it’s cold there, he commented, try Buffalo. I did, I said, in Avalon. It tasted like a really big chicken.

I thought that was my greatest joke ever, and was about to announce my retirement once the virtual applause subsided and turn my gig over to Carey Fosse. 95 more words

Movies And Television

Hit the like button. Please and thank you.

As part of a class assignment, I am supposed to do an exercise to see how many viewers and likes I can get.  Would these cute puppy faces help?    37 more words


How to Boost Blog Traffic (as a human)

All sorts of services offer to “Boost Blog Traffic Now!” for a price. But really? What kind of “traffic” do you get? There’s already enough black-market Viagra in my spam box to make the entire male population of Canada pop like an overfed tick! 611 more words


The 'Like' Button

I’m not saying I like what’s happened to you
I’m saying I admire you for being in the battle
And soldiering on in spite of everything… 38 more words

Original Poems

The Worldwide Obsession With the Like Button

These days, we’re obsessed with being “Liked.” Has it always been that way? ______________

Take your songwriting to a new level of excellence. Buy “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle… 781 more words


Do I really...

…follow your blogs?

Yes, I do. Mostly when your posts appear in my reader.

…read your posts?

Yes, I do. But not always the long ones, when I’ve lack of time. 224 more words

Pastel Paintings/Pastellmåleri

do you like liking & being liked?

When you are sick and unhappy, I want to click a dislike button on your posts, or at least not click a like one. I try to comment as much as possible, and to only click like when I actually do like the content of the post. 427 more words