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Like to do.

Once or a thick wood.

Alice heard a White Rabbit with pink eyes chanced to wish that! She hastily put down on the field after it to the Queen to go among mad people,” Alice remarked. 399 more words

Short Story

The Table : Satu Film, 4 Cerita


Balik lagi sama Spica..

Kali ini aku bakalan review satu film. Tapi, sebelum itu aku mau tanya sesuatu. Apa yang speakers lakukan kalau kamu sedang berada dalam sebuah kafe atau restoran berdua dengan seseorang. 639 more words



What would it be like with my first?

I have always wondered what would it feel like having my first partner in life. I have never had someone who will court me at every second, or stick with me at 525600 minutes and so on. 646 more words


Pale Horse

hang a horse
watch her body pale
& slacken

I want a California girl
thin legs
skin smooth as shale

the horse
my gallop from… 15 more words


Writing Pain

This morning I stepped on a tack in the kitchen while feeding my cats. It hurt of course, but it also lead me to start a new short story after I had my wound properly disinfected and bandaged. 137 more words


Pass Him On

Matthew 28:18-20

I saw a billboard recently that said, “Confidence is in you.  Pass it on.”  I like that, and would like to say in addition to those it applies to:  “Jesus is in you.  Pass Him on.”

What Gareth Evans’ Deathstroke Movie Would Be Like

18 hours ago

At the end of 2017’s Justice League, comic fans were graced with a short, but exciting cameo from Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke. Soon after his brief appearance, all sorts of rumors surfaced with some potential answers as to where Manganiello might reprise his… 6 more words