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Instagram is addictive! I can’t lie; I check my Instagram at least 10 or more times a day, sometimes subconsciously I find the app is open and don’t recall why I even clicked on the app. 186 more words


Hit ‘Unfollow’ And ... Breathe

Oh, how I long for the bygone days when it was just Facebook and you daren’t unfriend someone because you didn’t want to offend them. Those were the days when you added people you actually knew and liked, and not because you thought they would be useful or because you thought you’d didn’t want to upset anyone. 711 more words

Wit & Wisdom

What If She Doesn't Like Me?

“Hey bro, what’s up? Why are you looking all gloomy?”
‘Nothing man. I’m good. Just thinking about the high school bully’
“Come on, don’t lie. Just the high school bully can’t make you this gloomy” 440 more words

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid!

By this title I mean something which will not affect the life of the person in front of you.

I know somewhere you people agree with me on the fact that yeah there are things that we hide from our close ones be it our partner, friends, parents or any other person. 415 more words


R. KELLY: I Didn't Mean It Like That

R. Kelly thinks he’s being misunderstood after recently being caught on camera saying that “it’s too late” to #MuteRKelly and “they should have did this 30 years ago.” 245 more words


Work drive

So I’m in the bus and there’s this guy in front selling his products. You find them a lot in Lagos, selling miraculous drugs (from pain relievers to anti-diabetic herbs). 338 more words