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Kirja, jota odotan ~ Book that I wait for

En muista, olisinko joskus oikein odottanut jonkin tietyn kirjailijan seuraavaa julkaisua – ehkä Sofi Oksasen Normaa jonkin verran. Nyt kuitenkin kuljen loppuvuoden tulisilla hiilillä, sillä Like julkaisee mahtavan Glen Duncanin ihmissusitrilogian viimeisen osan suomennettuna vihdoin helmikuussa! 363 more words


like a glass of water


and the chill

and forever of the solid

and mood of the calm

and said of the when

and its own lapse

and taken of the having… 37 more words


Giving Thanks: 13 Reasons Why Not

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A complement to my post last week, Thirteen Reasons Why in honor of Thanksgiving.

  1. Anyone who has ever said any variation of “Please let me know if you need anything” and follows through when I do ask.
  2. 176 more words

Thankful & Blessed! 

Good morning everyone ! The day has come where I get to stuff my face with amazing food and hang out with my loved ones. Thanksgiving has to be one of my favorite holidays. 184 more words