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held like glue

when it was cold outside

and when the winds


and danced in the trees

and it felt like nobody

can give you a   chance… 46 more words


chocolate by child labor

make sure the chocolates you and you kids enjoy are not from manufacturer who knowing and unknowingly supports child labor or child trafficking


Women and the expectations of men

I joined in on a conversation with two lady friends about the societal pressures of being a woman. (because I know all about that) Their stance was that the media was setting an unrealistic precedent on what women should look like and that this was adopted by men expecting women to look and act a certain way. 360 more words


How Social Media dupe us

Just a few days ago, #BeforeFacebookI trended on Facebook. People in the utter excitement– some despiteful — thronged to share their experiences. I deterred.

How would my life be like if there were no social media? 794 more words

Be like Roger: Honest cabbie returns man’s cell phone, declines reward

Honest taxi driver earning praises online after he returns cell phone to rightful owner
Cell phone owner says driver only known as Roger politely turned down his offer of a reward… 24 more words