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The Art of Blogging (Bullshit-Free Edition)

I wrote this as a counter to one of the most unintentionaly hilarious, misguided, and pretentious pieces of old bollocks it has ever been my misfortune to encounter in the language of Shakespeare. 67 more words


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Truer words not heard (in a while)

Learning Points from Jennifer Golbeck's TED Talk on "Your Social Media "Likes" Expose More Than You Think"

I doubt anyone finds an issue with liking an article your friend shared on Facebook. However, would you think differently if doing so attracted ads of a nature which you normally wouldn’t see? 143 more words

TED Talk

Social Media with Ashley Guyatt

BE a Social Media Marketing Maven

Ashley Guyatt is a Southern California fashion/lifestyle blogger who owns blondecollective.com. She started her blog to write about her passion for the Southern California lifestyle, while also documenting her career in the fashion industry. 198 more words

Apriori Beauty

Who am I? What is this?

As I sit in my office typing this, I am 23 years and 17 days old. I’ve spent the better part of the last three hours trying to figure out what to write here, what will be interesting, and what exactly this blog will be. 455 more words

About Me

Blog Analytics and EDA

Analytics is all about using data to glean useful insights to further our objectives- be it business, social media, philanthropy or even blogging. In this post, I share some data analyses I conducted on my blog and the simple tricks that one learns and appreciates after practically working on coding projects . 631 more words

Data Science

Ted Cruz-ing for Porn? Senator’s Twitter Account ‘Likes’ Explicit Video

Excerpt from this article:

President Trump isn’t the only member of the GOP who causes a stir with his late-night Twitter antics. Senator Ted Cruz sent social media into a frenzy on Monday night when his official Twitter account liked a porn clip.

Smile and laugh

I am a person.

I think chicken is overrated and steak should never need any sauces or spices but I’m not going to judge you if you use it. 523 more words