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I got a nice notification on wordpress to say that all you lovely and beautiful people have clicked like on my posts. To be honest I’d never thought I’d be blogging. 19 more words


Positive Thought 20/4/2018

I can’t believe my posts have actually received over 1000 likes. That is amazing. All the likes and comments that you have posted on my site continue to inspire me to keep going and to keep improving. 9 more words

Positive Thought Project 2018

Vice invites you to #LikeWhatYouHate and burst your social bubble

Despite the latest controversies on social networks, they remain the main source of information for young people today. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 61% of “millenials” would use Facebook as the main source of news. 209 more words


Currently - The April Edition

Happy April!  Is the pollen killing anyone else?  Because I’m really struggling over here.

I’ve spent the past couple weeks returning to my normal schedule.  The last half of March was super-busy for me — I’m such a creature of habit that even a couple weeks of (fun) disturbances really threw me off.  314 more words


Instagram star who smuggled drugs for likes

Melina Roberge, 24, was sentenced on Wednesday to a maximum of eight years in prison for smuggling suitcases of drugs into Australia. Instagram

Although Traill noted Roberge had a decent chance of rehabilitation and accepted that her remorse was genuine, she also criticized her motivation for committing the crimes. 214 more words

Chinese traffic police let offenders off if they post a confession online (and it gets enough likes)

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

Chinese traffic police let offenders off if they post a confession online (and it gets enough likes)

Traffic police in southwestern China have been allowing scooter drivers who commit minor offences to avoid a fine if they confess online – so long as their mea culpa gets 20 or more likes. 336 more words

Current Affairs

How Fake Are Your Social Media Followers?

There’s three types of people on social media (Instagram specifically) there’s the,

1. The Instagram famous person who has a lot of followers, takes bomb pics, has endorsement deals and gets no less than 1,000 likes on their post. 176 more words

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