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Liking A Guy You Don'T Know Jack Online Game

Liking a guy you don’t know jack online game

016 How to Stop Liking Someone. Don’t go where they go! If you know parts of their schedule and where they’ll be, Tell when a Guy Is Using You for Sex. 542 more words

Liking A Boy You Don'T Know Jack Online Game

Liking a boy you don’t know jack online game

You Don’t Know Jack is a fun game that tests your knowledge of pop We hope you like what you see! 546 more words

The Awkwardness Of Being Liked

I feel awkward about being liked[1]. On the surface, of course, just like all of us, I like to be liked[2]: I smile when someone gives me flowers or offers me a glass of wine; I feel uplifted when my words and actions – or even trivial things like pieces of clothing I’m wearing – receive a compliment; I nod in friendly appreciation when my posts of… 2,050 more words

Thinking About The World

Choose Friends Wisely: Social Influence

You’ve probably seen me posting about influence. I’ve been a student every day for the past two years. I educate people about it because it helps everyone when you learn more about it. 786 more words

The Great or Not So Great Goodbye

This is about what happened the night before everything fell apart in my 3-month relationship. 

My boyfriend wanted to see me that night and I had nothing to do but he didn’t want to pick me up because he wanted to drink that night so he got me an uber and off I went to his place. 701 more words

The Great Or Not So Great Series

Getting from There to Here

Last week I noticed I now have over 300 followers, assuming everyone who ever followed still is. A huge assumption that and all that goes with it. 408 more words