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Preference: n. liking one subset better than a different and/or similar subset which is frequently chosen from the same set

A preference is usually a preferred choice between two or more similar subsets such as apples, food, clothes, cars, or houses. 154 more words

Common Sense

We all get lonely from time to time

Admitting to loneliness isn’t a sign that you’re a loser or social outcast. Many of us in fact have more friends than at any other point in history thanks to the marvels of Facebook and being in tune to the pulse of our phone telling us of more messages or friend requests.  442 more words


Preachers to their liking

Preachers that are accepted and respected by the world are an abomination to God. The worldly churches appoint preachers that have been trained in Bible schools and seminaries that were set up to produce preachers that preach to the liking of men. 259 more words

With You

Not sure how I ended up where I am now
But I ended up here
With you
So I’ll be alright
I’m with you



I have never quite fallen in love
I usually crept into it
I was cautious, never reckless
But with you
I think of nothing else, but you… 38 more words


B is for Blog Crushes

You know, when you put a sentence like that out here in such a stark format, it looks kind of creepy.  Or is it just me? 450 more words

A To Z Challenge

people only care in waves

have you ever wondered what happened to kony? I don’t know but i’m sure there’s still child soldiers. what about the human trafficking in Africa and bring back our girls? 176 more words