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This is my very first post.  I started this blog because I am simply amazed at how much technology has changed my life.  The idea behind this blog is to share stuff and a lot of old photos of things that happened before I had access to a computer.

Tata tata!

Introducing BeforeiNTERNET

The Tunes

His fingers suddenly found new energy. The keys came alive. He started playing a romantic tune as soon as she came in sight. She occasionally swayed, clicking her fingers and tapping her feet. 129 more words



We hear much about the monastic and lay communities, but much less about the solitary practioners. All is well—this is how the pratyekabuddhas like it.

Thank You: Kat Medina

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(by National Allergy)


Friends are butterflies crawling the earth as caterpillars
slimy green fuzzy things, bugs wrapped
in a blanket of transformation
attached to tender trees
wrapped in silken threads… 170 more words



Preference: n. liking one subset better than a different and/or similar subset which is frequently chosen from the same set

A preference is usually a preferred choice between two or more similar subsets such as apples, food, clothes, cars, or houses. 154 more words

Common Sense

We all get lonely from time to time

Admitting to loneliness isn’t a sign that you’re a loser or social outcast. Many of us in fact have more friends than at any other point in history thanks to the marvels of Facebook and being in tune to the pulse of our phone telling us of more messages or friend requests.  442 more words