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I get two kinds of crushes, neither of which is very often or very serious.

I get crushes on people who are my friends, but maybe not super close friends.   400 more words

Life Stories


Usually when I like someone
words flow freely
I can write pages
on how he looks and acts
and smiles and feels
But this time around… 13 more words



Contrary to the collective consciousness of our age, hearts and hugs and smiles and people liking things about each other did actually exist before the advent of electronic communication. 23 more words

Quick Reads

So close

I am nearly at the next major milestone 200 followers. It might not seem a lot but for me it is, so thank you all so much for following, reading my posts, liking, commenting and travelling on this journey with me


Listen to them

Listen carefully to what people say about you when you spend time with them.

It’s another form of self-awareness. Positive compliments, nice comments or, as I often hear, signs of irritation. 50 more words

Day 4


Amorous: adj.  loverelating with a predominant emphasis on sexual love

Lovrelate: v. to sense much lovin and affection and liking for a subset(s) but not simultaneously… 187 more words

Common Sense

You like them enough...

When you like someone, sometimes you just cant explain to others what exactly it is about them that makes you like them……..you just do.

Yet you are afraid of rejection, afraid of getting hurt if you make your feelings known, or if they fail to reciprocate in accordance to your expectations. 454 more words