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So It’s One, Two, Three “Likes” You’re Out (At the ‘Ole Ball Game)

What have we come to? We certainly shouldn’t text and drive, and “hands free” should be a National Law. But now we have a baseball player “liking” during a major league ball game? 382 more words


Does God text?

I’m just curious and mean no disrespect, but do you think God texts, tweets, or posts? Have you gotten any messages?

Hand-written cards and letters have basically disappeared, email is frowned upon by the under 50 crowd, telephone calls take a back seat to social media feeds, and the vast majority of today’s society seem to prefer text messages to any other form of communication. 160 more words


new person

Some bosses can make you feel like a new person. One they like even less than the old you.


The People I Get Along With

I applied in this company online and part of the application is to answer this question:

What type of people do you get along with and why?

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I have always liked older guys.They always had something about them that younger guys didn’t have besides  age and maturity.A handsome older guy just stands out.I guess I’ve watched to many romantic movies starring a young girl and a older guy or read too many Mills and Boon novels.But they didn’t help in tempering the fascination.A beard adds a lot to it.It’s funny because people always attribute this to younger girls not having prominent father figures or males at home when that’s not even it ,it’s just a curiosity. 13 more words




This is my very first post.  I started this blog because I am simply amazed at how much technology has changed my life.  The idea behind this blog is to share stuff and a lot of old photos of things that happened before I had access to a computer.

Tata tata!

Introducing BeforeiNTERNET

The Tunes

His fingers suddenly found new energy. The keys came alive. He started playing a romantic tune as soon as she came in sight. She occasionally swayed, clicking her fingers and tapping her feet. 129 more words