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Smiled in private

Casual conversation

Relating education, your project

Maybe my concern

Your visit, beyond what I expect


Need to catch my breath

I smiled in private. 30 more words


Do you LIKE it, or do you WANT it?

“And do what you like. Yeah, and doowutchyalike. Everybody doowutchyalike” Digital Underground

In their 90’s hedonic anthem, Digital Underground invited party revellers to ‘doowutchyalike’. Yeah. 832 more words

Behavioural Living

You in my dreams

How ironic,

when I tried to forget

You have shown interest,

in my dreams.

Yes!  You were there,

in my mid-night dreams. Thrice.

Each moment feels right and real… 35 more words



披星戴月 – 很美的文字。这是我去丽江时,当地的导游教我的。





Why women care about their boyfriend liking other girls Instagram pics, and other social media behaviour

Quite a few years ago now I remember I had an issue with an ex liking other girls Facebook pictures. They were the usual selfie/boobs out type of deal and it made me feel quite repulsed. 1,238 more words


The Ways of Spreadability

“When it comes to spreadability, not all content is created equal.” (pg. 198 Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, and Joshua Green)

When trying to get your point across and target a specific audience there’s certain things that need to be done to do so. 149 more words

What can I say? #20

I don’t think thank you can cover it this week, the weekend share has been the most popular it has ever been, with more people sharing links, liking posts and most importantly clicking on the links to go find out more. 11 more words