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An apology

I am not sure how other bloggers do it, but I have a kind of routine, I tend to blog and write a cluster of posts together in the evening and then schedule them, so they don’t all come out at the same time, and because I am not really fussed about the reader, cause I seem to miss a lot of posts, I get most posts through email. 178 more words


Joe lol

My only guy friends name is Joe. He’s a sophomore, but most of my classes are sophomore classes so we have three classes together. We usually chat and joke when there is nothing to do or if we’re mindlessly working. 211 more words


A Currency Stronger Than Money

The film “Generation Like”, a Frontline documentary, is an eye-opening narrative about the modern-day generation living lives mainly in a virtual society.  Individuals self-identity are fostered within the social media platforms.  402 more words

Online Identity


Very often you would like to persuade someone or get someone to say yes and agree to a suggestion or offer which you are making. There is an excellent link at the end of this blog which explains this very well in a video presentation. 397 more words

Common Sense

Help Me.. I'm Feeling

Falling in love is a weird sensation. It’s as though you’ve fallen in to a river of mixed feelings. As though you can’t do anything but follow the stream and hope it leads to that one perfect girl, and not some dirty puddle or a duck.. 407 more words

My Life

liking in water


and  its own whereabouts

and thought of the  asking

and where it was the purpose

and whom was fishing

when it was the best and its own known… 43 more words


Like Us On Facebook…Please!

SINCE its launch in 2004 Facebook has become an all encompassing aspect of our social and cultural worlds. To not Facebook is to enact a form of social exclusion. 1,136 more words