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The provided link gives an excellent presentation of the 6 major keys to successful persuasion which have been validated by science.

Very briefly if someone likes you, if you are an expert or authority figure, if you do them a favor first, if many have been persuaded already, if they have made a commitment, and if scarcity is emphasized then you are more likely to persuade successfully. 89 more words

Common Sense

So Called Rules of Dating

Don’t message him, you will look desperate.

Don’t call her, she will think that you are all into her.

Don’t call him, men don’t like easy targets. 244 more words


Bookworm - Commercialised Liking


Current book from the Book Club – Strong Poison by Dorothy L. Sayers

The Tenth Word – LIKE

I thought, when I Google Image searched the word ‘like’, I was going to reveal lots of pictures of smiling, happiness and love. 95 more words

Challenges - Daily Prompt

Snippets of My Week - Three Things

aka,  Three Things You Should Do Too Because I Just Did Them and Would Do Again

1.  Go to the #goopMRKT pop up on 140 Maiden Lane in San Francisco before it closes on Sunday, May 22. 479 more words


The Science of the Facebook Like

The facebook like is such a tiny little thing. But so are the cellular processes in our bodies. In fact, as a whole, they mean a lot. 969 more words

Why a weatherman needs a bodyguard

Believe it or not…

Who would have thought that being liked was a good way to elicit compliance? It’s crazy right.

Ok maybe not. It’s probably a bit on the nose really but it’s worth reiterating; if people like you they are more likely to do what you ask. 498 more words

Lifelines in the dark...

The Boys in Blue

Thankfully (touch wood) I’ve never been in trouble with the police. My decision not to break innumerate laws in my youth mya have set me apart from my peers (who seemed to delight in criminality) but it also meant I was never subject to the ole “good cop / bad cop” routine I had heard so much about from American TV.  685 more words