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Slow down, think

More and more I think that a slower, more thoughtful (maybe even harder?) method of following people and other interests, for instance via RSS, makes for a better, less overwhelming way of getting to the stuff we want to get to. 49 more words


Liking: My year of not working

As of this month, I have not been gainfully employed for 12 months.

When I left my previous job in Jun 2017, I had not expected to be off the job market for 12 months. 466 more words


The girl am interested in..Confession#9

The last long talk we had was like a very long one. It did involve some kind of confessions, regarding WE LIKING EACH OTHER. This talk happened on the night of 30th April, but I am putting this post here just today. 511 more words

Liking: My sojourn on the green

I spent today volunteering at a golf charity event.

I had an enjoyable time.

There were over 100 participants, and watching them play, each in their own way, was interesting. 381 more words


i like this guy at work pt.1

I put pt.1 in the title because oh god I could talk about him for hours. So I started working at this grocery store a while ago, and this boy started at the same time as me, but as a supervisor(which is like..one rank above me). 426 more words


Liking: Fortune cat

Maneki-neko, or fortune cat, originates from Japan.

You often see this figurine in shops, placed near the cashier, as it is believed to be beckoning in customers, with its waving hand. 113 more words


Is He Even Into You Sis???

This question has become one of the oldest questions to be asked since Adam met Eve! But it was so much easier for them because Adam truly knew that Eve was made from him and for him. 1,167 more words