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people only care in waves

have you ever wondered what happened to kony? I don’t know but i’m sure there’s still child soldiers. what about the human trafficking in Africa and bring back our girls? 176 more words


The Swag Hag

Featured photo taken by Kelly Popejoy; loot thanks to Alt Summit

I appreciate a great give away bag. The first one I remember getting that wasn’t the result of being the token little sister in Big Sis’s social scene, is the one I received as an invited guest at the sixth birthday party of Dr. 683 more words


Getting people to like you is merely the other side of liking them. – Norman Vincent Peale

Liking Things

WordPress will not allow me to like the website of the Alchemist because I am not on Facebook.

Repeatedly, we wonder what on earth these web engine and website people think they are doing, since these things are neither in their interest nor in ours. 992 more words


#6 All a girl WANTS

All she wants a DEBIT CARD in her pocket … Having balance to the power infinity …. ^_^ … :* ….

Why Not Write In This State of Melancholy?

Hello, interweb! So, today has kind of been an “off-day” for me, and I knew those days don’t come around much so I thought to myself “Why not write in this state of melancholy?” So,  here I am. 297 more words