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The Poshmark Newbie Guide: What is a 'Like'?

Morning Healthy People!

I’ll be doing a small series called ‘The Newbie Guide’ which will be all about maneuvering through the Poshmark app and breaking down bit by bit what is what. 841 more words


12 Sure-Fire Ways To Find Out If They Like You Back

1. Create a Tinder profile and use it when you are in the same room as your crush. Change your preferences on the app to people within 1 mile. 328 more words

A Noteworthy Happy Mail Happy Hour

I had been cyberstalking Isabel Bonenfant and Kate Kellman, the duo behind Of Note Stationers since the time their stationery company was called, Isabel and Kate, not so long ago.   762 more words


Defining "like".

*Repost. Posted on 29/05/2013.

I was going through my posts to re-tag thing properly. I found this. Still feel like this.

There are plenty of things to like and plenty of things to dislike. 488 more words


Free Giveaway! Win it Now by Liking or Sharing This Post.

Free Giveaway! Win it Now by Liking or Sharing This Post. See our Page for more information.

Have you ever liked someone, but you were unsure if you really liked him or if you were projecting your feelings on that person? 


Erratic heart beats

How do you define love? Is it the unusual contraction of your heart at one glance of that person or is it when all the atoms and the molecules of your being get in a hyper excited jumpy state which leave their places and refuse to come back to normal for rest of the day. 1,351 more words