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Why Aren't You Listening to Nacho Picasso? (Thanks TC)

If you like Earl Sweatshirt, then I have a rapper for you.

Name: Nacho Picasso
From: Seattle, WA

Nacho’s sound is chill and easy — dude’s voice sounds like a young Lil B (think “Vans” by The Pack) and often collaborates with production due Blue Sky Black Death. 66 more words


I Know Lil B: A Look Into Based World's Finest Fans

Gabe “Captain Black” Wanissian, Contributing Writer

A sea of pink bandanas fills up the entirety of the Music Hall of Williamsburg (the ‘Portlandia’ side of Brooklyn) the free spirited aura that envelops the eager crowd awaiting Lil B’s presence resembles late 60’s Woodstock-lite as fans openly embrace and communicate with each other. 1,634 more words

Chicken (Features)

Rapper Lil B says he'll lift his curse on Kevin Durant if Durant plays him one-on-one

If you aren’t familiar with rapper Lil B’s long-running beef with Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant, here’s a quick recap. All the way back in 2011, Durant called out Lil B on Twitter, saying that he couldn’t believe the rapper was relevant. 272 more words


In The Wake Of Kevin Durant's Latest Injury News, Lil B Hints That The Hex Is Back On

When he’s not giving guest lectures at MIT, trying out for the NBA (no, really), or just generally living his life as if it were some sort of elaborate social experiment, … 119 more words


Wiz Khalifa & Ty Dolla $ign- "Talk About It In The Morning" (Official Artwork)

Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign tap into their inner Lil’ B with their latest artwork for their collective project, Talk About It In The Morning. 31 more words

Wiz Khalifa

Lil B Speaks at Carnegie

You think Kanye West is the only rapper gracing universities with his presence? Nah… Not hardly as my mom would say. Lil B gave a lecture last week at Carnegie Mellon University. 35 more words


Lil B Gives Lecture At Carnegie Mellon University

Lil B was recently spotted at Carnegie Mellon University to talk to students about pretty much… everything.

From Geraldo Rivera to how the rap game is right now, the Based God himself covered any and every topic you wanted to know. 55 more words