Air Force day!

Usually, our Saturday will be out for breakfast and off to the market to buy vegetables and misc however today was the TUDM (Air Force) day here in Labuan. 56 more words

Random March 2014

There’s so much to say… However I just let the pictures do the talking..


Ready to love

New year approaching soon. Christmas is around the corner. What do you have in store for me 2014? Would it be kind? Would it be nasty? 509 more words


Amazing abandoned places

I stumbled over this page, and I’m sitting here in awe and full of curiousity. I just have to share this:

IMGUR (<-link)

Lil Bit Of Everything

A small reminder

Hi! I just wanna remind everyone about the ‘portrait-page’, that’s being updated once in a while. :)

Check it out here!

Lil Bit Of Everything

Red Bull Olabilløp

Håkon & Christian Fredrik


My Boys

Had three friends who participated as the three Junior Woodchucks from Donald Duck.

Lil Bit Of Everything