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A Meditation on Public Breastfeeding

…and now for something completely frivolous.

I saw a clip pop up on my Facebook timeline this morning in defense of breastfeeding in public.  I’ve seen a couple of these kinds of videos on the past, attacking those who are disgusted by public breastfeeding.   849 more words

Diary of A Hoe: $exuality Saved My Life

Black women are looked at as extremely promiscuous beings. The history of sexuality inside of African American culture is explained by women who directly took part in helping shape how both African American men and women view sexuality, promiscuity, prostitution and video vixens. 14 more words

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Songs that need films: part 4: Rebel Girl 

I wasn’t expecting to think of this song whilst putting together this little list (I ran by Trains “Meet Virginia” first, if you wanna know) but now that I am looking at it, I am seeing that Bikini Kills one decent song “Rebel Girl” – as far as I am concerned, at least – is actually a very good character driven song that would probably make an absolutely fantastic summer film if someone were ever to try and put it together. 1,082 more words


15 Halloween Costume Ideas for Black girls/women 2016.

  1. Storm 

Storm is a very popular Halloween costume amongst celebrities such as Beyonce & Ciara. This X-men superheroine can easily be recreated with a black jumpsuit and a platinum wig. 472 more words


Hypersexuality and Women in Rap

In 2010, NPR reported that the number of female rappers signed to a major label dropped to just three women—compare that to the forty-odd women signed to major labels in the late 80s and early 90s. 1,706 more words

Lil Kim adorable in new pic

The rapper pictured looking quite nice at the Boy concert over the weekend…

Noreaga and Lil Kim Squash 15 Year Old Beef

Back in 2001, a shoot out in front of New York’s Hot 97 caused friction between Nore and Lil Kim.  Kim ended up serving jail time and Nore’s partner Capone actually testified in the case.  141 more words