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#29 Bitter Rivals

“Will Elizabeth be forced to choose between Amy and Enid?”

So we found out at the end of the last book that Elizabeth’s childhood bestie, Amy Sutton,¬†is moving¬†back to town. 1,049 more words

Lila Fowler

SVT #73, Lila's Music Video: Another Dork Gets a Makeover

Summary: Remember music videos? If not, the Unicorns are here to remind you. They’re hanging out at Lila’s house, watching a Melody Power video, and start dancing along. 1,112 more words


SVT #71, Jessica Saves the Trees: Soccer? I Hardly Even Know Her!

Summary: Soccer has become a big deal at SVMS, especially since the boys have just qualified for division A. (Apparently this means they’re really good.) As boys try out for the team, they dedicate their goals to the girls they like. 1,834 more words


SVT #68, The Middle School Gets Married: You Mean Young Love Doesn't Always Work Out?

Summary: I guess some of the teachers at SVMS don’t want to have to teach for a little while, so science teacher Mr. Seigel is heading up a project where all the middle-schoolers get fake-married to each other and learn what being an adult is all about. 933 more words


SVT #63, Poor Lila!: Riches to Rags

Summary: Lila’s planning a huge bash called the Unicorn Founding Fling, to celebrate the anniversary of…well, the founding of the Unicorns. It’s such a big deal that even non-Unicorns are invited. 1,264 more words


SVT #56, The Wakefields Strike It Rich: Why Don't My Relatives Ever Want to Give Me Money for No Reason?

Summary: The twins and Steven are hanging out with their friends after school, not wanting to go home because they know their parents will ask them to… 1,215 more words


SVT Super Edition #4, The Unicorns Go Hawaiian: Pineapple Express

Summary: Jessica and Mandy are hanging out after school one day when they see an ad in a magazine for a cooking competition sponsored by the Pineapple People. 1,650 more words