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SVT #37, The War Between the Twins: Actually, It's About Ethics in Journalism

Summary: At the end of the last book, Jessica was eager to write an article about the Unicorns for the Sixers. Elizabeth decides to humor her and publish it on the front page. 1,158 more words


SVT #36, Mary is Missing: Gone Girl

Summary: Mary is, indeed, missing. She hasn’t been in school, she’s missed Unicorn meetings and get-togethers, and the Unicorns can’t get in touch with her to find out how much money they have in their treasury. 1,624 more words


SVT #34, Jessica, the Rock Star: Becoming Famous Is Hard, You Guys

Summary: At the end of Elizabeth’s New Hero, the twins won tickets to a Melody Power concert. At the beginning of this book, they’ve just gotten back from the concert, and Jessica is way too excited about it. 942 more words


SVU Thriller, Love and Murder: I've Just Seen a Face

Summary: We haven’t had a Lila book in a little while, so here’s something to satisfy us. Well, not really. Nothing about it is satisfying. This book takes place in an alternate universe where Bruce is spending the semester in Japan. 2,120 more words


SVU #35, Undercover Angels: Spy vs. Spy

Summary: We pick up pretty much where the last book left off, with Bruce upset that Paul hustled him in a tennis game, and Elizabeth going over the details of the investigation in her head. 1,972 more words


SVT #29, Jessica and the Brat Attack: Let's Be Honest, Jessica Deserves All of This

Summary: It wouldn’t be a Sweet Valley book without some big activity, and this time around it’s a fair the sixth grade is holding as a fundraiser. 1,165 more words


SVU #34, Spy Girl: These People Aren't Exactly Giving James Bond a Run for His Money

Summary: You may recall that in the previous book, Nick finally agreed to let Jessica partner with him for a case. He needs a woman to accompany him to the country club where everyone’s been hanging out, so he tells Jess to get ready to go undercover. 1,023 more words