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SVU Thriller, Deadly Terror: The Return of William White, Part II: The Phantom of the Library

Summary: William is back and better than ever! I mean worse, worse than ever. He tells Elizabeth that he wants to make up for all the horrible things he did (you know, like murder), and would especially like to earn her forgiveness. 1,452 more words


SVT #40, Danny Means Trouble: Why Help When You Can...Not Help?

Summary: New book, new random classmate for Elizabeth to help. This time it’s Danny, a fairly new student at SVMS who’s quickly become a track star. 1,196 more words


SVU Thriller Edition, Cyber Stalker: The Return of William White, Part 1: Lizception

Summary: Life at SVU is currently pretty normal – no undercover investigations, no kidnappings, not even any recent twin switches. We’re in that weird alternate universe where Elizabeth and Tom are together, and Nick doesn’t exist (or should I say didn’t – … 1,426 more words


SVT Super Chiller #2, The Ghost in the Graveyard: Psychic Twins Network

Summary: It’s spring break in Sweet Valley, but the kids at SVMS aren’t as excited about that as they are about Caroline Pearce’s big news: A new family is moving in, and they have a boy in the sixth grade. 2,076 more words


“On Wednesdays We Wear Pink”: The Best Girl Cliques of Pop Culture

1. The Plastics – Mean Girls

Mean Girls certainly wasn’t the first movie to put a girl clique at the front and centre of the action, but it was the first (unless you count… 1,692 more words


SVT #37, The War Between the Twins: Actually, It's About Ethics in Journalism

Summary: At the end of the last book, Jessica was eager to write an article about the Unicorns for the Sixers. Elizabeth decides to humor her and publish it on the front page. 1,158 more words


SVT #36, Mary is Missing: Gone Girl

Summary: Mary is, indeed, missing. She hasn’t been in school, she’s missed Unicorn meetings and get-togethers, and the Unicorns can’t get in touch with her to find out how much money they have in their treasury. 1,624 more words