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Mahou Mall: Nendoroid Lillie

In my column Mahou Mall I will discuss anything that makes me go, shut up and take my money! Usually this will be figurines and cute toys that I would not count as gadgets, but one can also imagine that I go nuts for some new flavor kitkat around here or get my tentacles in a knot for a special edition of a game I want. 478 more words

Mahou Tako

Discussion: What's your favourite game?

It’s so hard to pick a favourite video game. There’s so many, so many genres, it’s endless!

But I always find myself personally coming back to the Pokemon franchise. 446 more words


Daisy Banaisy - Cosplay Feature

Hurrah an awesome UK cosplayer! Linkle is always a sure fire hit, and although it’s not an easy costume to pull together, it’s always good to see it done well, and Jess is fantastic.  1,146 more words


Review: Pokémon Sun & Moon Episode 29

My first review! Hope you enjoy it.

Synopsis: Ash & co. have decided to go camping in the nearby forest. However, soon after they get there, they find themselves collapsing and sleeping a lot earlier than they expected.

338 more words

Translation Catch-Up (with Latest!)

Sorry for not updating as often! Here is a pack of the translations made since my last post a trio of Pokemon doujins and the most recently produced Mantou: 24 more words

Lillie's Egg Hatches: Episode 14

Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not read if you don’t want to know. If you haven’t watched the episode, watch it now:

Lillie’s egg hatched and a white Vulpix, the Alolan variant, is born! 215 more words