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Designing in Rhino

Today I have experimented with my design in Rhino. Admittedly I found this quite hard seeing as I’ve only had one lesson on the basics but with online tutorials and some patience I’ve managed to create a rough interpretation of my site and my design within it. 93 more words

Developing my design

I decided to make my site in order to apprehend the space at hand.I made my site using plasticine on cardboard. I included the crater and two domes which I will situate my meditation centre between in order to shield from solar winds. 259 more words

How to find Lillie in the Pokémon Sun & Moon Demo!

If you’ve been playing the Sun & Moon demo since it released on the 18th you might want to fire the demo up today as a new event is now viewable as… 31 more words


Old Photographs Saved From Trash Can ~ #75 A Group of Women

In the group photo below Florence ROYALTY (1868-1946), wife of Isaac Spencer LILLIE (1872-1932) was identified by her grandson Joe Rooney as the woman standing in the back row in front of the right side of the doorframe. 388 more words

Old Photographs

Developed design 2

This is my second design idea, I have used the tea ceremony room layout but instead I incorporated the different ones of the zen garden into it. 199 more words

Developed design

With all the research I have gathered about Buddhism, Zen gardens, Meditation centres and religious ceremonies I have come to a rough design idea. I initially looked at the different meanings of the positioning of the Buddhas hands. 319 more words

Post 4- Heigl

I believe that we as humans undoubtedly have a responsibility to take care of the environment and so as much as we can to preserve it and improve it for those who come after us. 697 more words