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You Can Still Bloom Again

Late December 2017, we observed a horrible incident occurring in our garden . . . most of our lily plants were being ravagely eaten by caterpillars, and this was a first for us. 211 more words

Flowers & Plants

Double mindedness in the Black Community

This is a poem directed to the black community, a sort of rebuke , for the way we have demonized and over sexualized the young black woman, so much so that we can no longer see her as a victim of rape or abduction or physical or mental abuse, and how we confuse them by praising their sexual image in one breath but also shaming them with the same. 272 more words


Thai outdoor water lilli fish ponds

After taking a country tour through amazing Thailand I discovered something very peculiar about the landscape throughout the country. Almost every house and every stop had these large pots filled with water, aquatic plants and fish. 267 more words


White Silence

What opens without making a sound?

Why flowers, of course!

Such a unique opportunity to gain a glimpse inside this lilly’s delicate, white petals, as they reveal themselves to the outside world for the first time ever!


God is in Control

My rose bush in bloom this year:
It hadn’t bloomed in over a year and  I thought it was dead.  But God still was taking care of it and had plans for it. 231 more words