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The Wind Is Howling. Eat Up.

Horizontal sleet means two things in my book. Light the fire and have comfort food. Lilly Higgins has a great ‘Give Me Five’ series in the Irish Times – recipes with just five ingredients – and because I love her attitude to food I always look it up. 360 more words

Big Hit!

Oat pancake day

I’m forgoing porridge today in order to maximise my pancake-eating potential but, thanks to this clever hybrid batter recipe by Lilly Higgins, I can still get my daily quotient of oats as well as a welcome dose of cinnamon. 229 more words


Pud in a cup

I adore chocolate and have never ever made a mousse though I have longed to. They are so easy but for some unknown reason I just haven’t made one. 624 more words


Lilly Higgins' Dream Deli

Lilly Higgins has written a beautiful new book called Dream Deli.  It is different, it is fresh, it is vibrant.  Turn the pages and you will be sitting down at one of the jam-packed tables in Lilly’s dream deli.   62 more words

I'm Enjoying

Exciting News!!

This week has been a pretty exciting one. Last night as I was curled up reading my book, I got a tweet from a fellow Sligo blogger congratulating me on making it to the finalists in the Irish Blog Awards. 552 more words


Chocolate and Coconut Granola

Well, it’s been a crazy few weeks, having gone home to Ireland for the Christmas holidays and caught up with family and friends and ate puddings and drank mulled wine, sang songs, sat by the fire, feasted on good solid Irish food and then whizzed back to Perth to begin the new year in sunny style. 541 more words

Bites And Delight