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Bunny Race Track

Yesterday we clipped our Butterscotch’s nails and he was the most beahved that he has ever been for a clipping. He was such a good boy that it only took us about 15 minutes with breaks between feet. 74 more words


Flops and Runs

I was fortunate enough to see both Glenda and Lilly flopping into their fences yesterday. They’re both such relaxed sleepers. I was in the basement last night and heard what sounded like thunder. 55 more words


Beautiful Lilly

Lilly is a young dog at the Refuge, available for adoption. I took tons of photos of her, as she’s so photogenic. By the time you see this, she’s probably been adopted, and why not, she’s so pretty.

Anyway, enjoy!

AlyZen Moonshadow

Litter Box Queens

Both Lilly and Glenda always dance for their food. And any other time I come in their pens, hoping to get a treat out of me! 54 more words


My First Lilly of the Year

I’m so excited when my Lillies start to bloom. This is the first one of the year!


Bunny Watchin'

Glenda is always a very chill rabbit while she’s here and Lilly is really enjoying her company. My boys get to see both ladies all day, and I swear I can see my Hershey smiling at them. 36 more words


My Little Blessing

Anyone that knows me, even a little bit better than acquaintances, will know that animals are my life. I love everything about them, am in studies aspiring to become a veterinarian, and jump at any chance to spend time with a furry friend. 630 more words