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I brought my heart to Jesus and He brought his to me. Mine was all torn and dirty, and longing to be free.
His heart was pure and spotless, and had no taint of sin. 224 more words



Sometimes it just comes down to a guy playing fetch with his dog.  Clearly, I am still feeling bad about Lilly spending too much time indoors this week.

Lilly and Indiana - The Joy of Owning the World's Worst Dogs

I promise I love my dogs. Even though 95% of conversations involving the pups are mostly me damning them to the darkest depths of Hell, I really do love them. 790 more words

The Daily

Camouflaging Suburbia

Pictures can be deceiving.

This week I’ve been working long hours and with Kelly away in San Francisco, Lilly has been not been getting as much  outside time as I would prefer.   146 more words

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Description From Photographer if Any:

By domingus-w

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The Beginning - Call for Caroline

I am waiting anxiously while Caroline contacted her guy. The girl behind the counter looked at me with boot annoyance and disinterest. I smiled at her wishing she would show a less negative vibe towards me but it did not do anything. 558 more words


The Beginning - Accidental Phone Loss

‘Look out!’ I stop walking and before I know it I am on the ground. My shin is seriously hurting and I am pretty sure I have ripped my shirt. 730 more words