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Footnote - Limitation of Compensatory Damages

The damages recoverable by the Complainant, should she prevail, might be temporally limited, but the indicated claim is being accepted as timely in accordance with the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 (“the Ledbetter Act”). 152 more words


A woman's 4.0 GPA is equal to a man's 2.0

So, this is fun. High school GPAs may be a good indicator afterall of future income BUT not if that student graduating is the woman variety. 668 more words

Awareness & Education

@10 years of data says that you and I don't count.

How the Obscenely Wealthy Are Strangling Our Democracy

Benjamin Page: Most people in a democracy think that the government pays a lot of attention to average citizens. 81 more words

Obama Eyes Equal Pay For Women Amid Election-Year Push

President Barack Obama moved Tuesday to close the pay gap between male and female federal contract employees who do the same job, his latest play on the issue ahead of the midterm elections. 475 more words

Congress: Impeach the majority of U.S. Supreme Court Justices. NOW.

Money – throughout recorded history – has been an impediment to free speech, and therefore cannot be free speech.

Requiring clairvoyance of Lily Ledbetter was outrageous. 64 more words