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Like a frog on a lily pad

I’ve been taking a mindfulness class and doing a lot of meditation lately. I told my fiancé that when we meditate I feel like a frog on a lily pad. 47 more words


We've got the Lili Pad!

I got to witness our lily pad being born and it was beautiful! Jack laser cut our design out of plywood. Unfortunately/ fortunately, he slightly adjusted the measurements by accident which meant that one lily pad was bigger than the other. 250 more words


Wednesday of Hope - Today's Potential

We have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but today is overflowing with potential.

– Allan Lokos, Through the Flames


Wednesday of Hope - A Full or Empty Heart?

Why fill the heart with hopes? Leave it empty for God.

– Robert Mertens


The sad part about being sad out west: There's no leaves lying on the ground

Admittedly, I have been a bit down lately. I’ve been down in the dumps. There have been so many horrific things being reported on in the media, so much heartbreak in world events, and just a ton of sad things occuring in my life. 380 more words

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