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11.14 - Rightful Place

Lily and I waypoint to Lion’s Arch, then from there, take the gate to Southsun. I squint as we emerge on the island; it’s been at least a couple years since I’ve last set foot here. 1,586 more words

Arc XI - The Throne Of Chaos

11.13 - How it Ends

I’m the first to arrive, right after Cocidius, who leafs through a stack of papers at the table. Pale courtiers trickle in. When Corin enters, he marches straight up to the table. 1,577 more words

Arc XI - The Throne Of Chaos

Monocots vs dicots

I’ve wondered about this before, but never really answered the question to my own satisfaction – why is it that at this time of year (March) so many of the plants we see in flower are monocotyledons or monocots for short?  995 more words

Easter Lily

This is an Easter Lily that I drew on a birthday card. It was made in April 2017.

Other pictures from this card:


Robin’s Eggs


Stargazer Lily

This is another favorite! It’s a stargazer lily that I drew on a birthday card, using colored pencils.


My not-so-proud parenting moment

One of the facts of life is this–none of us are perfect, we all have flaws, right? But for some reason, these flaws don’t make their appearance until we become parents. 1,327 more words


Matchless Beauty

Tell me,

Tell me of the Beauty of Jesus,

Tell me over and over again of the Beauty of Jesus.

Jesus like a lily shines, 222 more words

Solomon's Song Of Songs