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Selfish Mama.

I asked yesterday on Facebook, “What can I write a blog post about?” and a few people responded. The consensus seemed to be: write about my daughter Lily and her art, and write about mothering. 1,687 more words


Life with Lily: Independence

Lily is at the stage where she wants to do everything herself. She wants to feed herself, she opens doors, she grabs things off tables, she’s constantly exploring. 219 more words


14 ~ Twinkle

I shall never tire

Of the twinkle in your eyes.

Every time I see it,

In Coffee shops,

In bookstores,

Every table

I sit across from you… 16 more words


Listing Pilihan (9723/Ll)

Dijual Rumah di Bukit Telomoyo Semarang

Status : SHM
Hadap : –
Luas Tanah : 102 m2
Luas Bangunan : 70 m2
Kamar Tidur : 1/1/1… 40 more words

Listing Pilihan

The Lilies of the Field

Matthew 6:28-30
28] And why do you take thought for raiment (clothing)? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they
toil not, neither do they spin: 54 more words

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