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2 Quote A Flower Daily - Orange Lily Bud

“No amount of anxiety makes any difference to anything that is going to happen.”

~Alan Watts



they waved goodbye to me the day that i left.

i remember it – the sun staining everything

golden. i remember watching the clouds pass by, 244 more words


{God of Every Moment}

A few weeks ago, we sang a song during worship and one of the lines in the song really stood out to me.  “God of every moment.” 302 more words


Safe Place

I have been seeing C for about a month now. I think she’s what we have been needing to keep our system stable. Ever since 2012, when I originally realized I had DID, my system exposed themselves to people and it was a chaotic ride ever since. 1,193 more words

2 Quote A Flower Daily - Orange Lily Abstract

“[I]t is difficult to depart convincingly from reality until reality itself is comprehended.”

~Ansel Adams


Oil on Canvas by Li Hui

I produce original works, oil on canvas and hand drawn, and portraits for myself and for clients, I also create artworks ‘after Vincent Van Gogh’.


2 Quote A Flower Daily - Orange Lilium Wilt

“Like the birds I came, no road under my feet, a golden-chained gate unlocks itself.”

~Suzuki Roshi