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Central – Mater Elevations 17 courses Tasting Menu: A poetic and grand food concerto tribute to Peru


Let’s face it. I’m no foodie. I’ve never had any fine dining experiences in my life. As a matter of fact, I have no standard for food – I’m happy with eating mash potato from a box (yes, one of those where you mix some sort of powder with milk, and ta-da, here comes the delicious mash potato!); or I’ll easily get satisfied from cooking myself a meal with weeks old ingredients – frozen or half rotten (just cut out the bad parts and treat them as fresh ingredients!). 2,010 more words

Central Restaurant

The Closest Thing to an Off Pump CABG -a Carotid Subclavian Bypass to Treat Unstable Angina

Patient is a 77 year old man with history of HTN, hyperlipidemia, former smoking, and CAD with CABGx5 and bilateral lower extremity bypasses who developed unstable angina consisting of neck and throat pain. 860 more words


Gotta Catch 'em All

Today we had P-day with a bunch of the Hermanas. We all went to the center of Lima and took one of those open-top sightseeing buses to the top of… 657 more words

Book Of Mormon

Day 43 - Quito

Today has been a sad day.

My day started early at 4am in time to get a shared lift to the airport for my flight to Quito. 640 more words

The Inca Trail

So… who can remember studying the Inca Empire during one of their school history lessons?  Well, despite recalling very little of mine, I do remember a lesson about the Incas!   3,247 more words

Day 42 - Lima

Today our tour officially ended. The morning was spent in my favourite café in Cusco having mocha, eating empanada’s and having lemon meringue pie whilst making some calls to friends and family at home. 318 more words