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The We Have Arrived in Lima One

After barely sleeping, my friend (I’ll call her George because that’s her name) and I got up at 2am and drove to Heathrow airport for a connecting flight to Madrid and then on to Lima. 358 more words

Peru: a celebratory anniversary video

At this exact moment one year ago, I was mid-taxi ride with two of my best chums, where we sunk our fingers into the fabric of the back seat and clung to a desperate hope that we might survive the trip. 264 more words


Lima : Peru – Day 16 - Barranco and Miraflores' Seaside Beach

Our agenda for the day was the small suburbs of Barranco, located south of Miraflores.  It was such a pretty little town that I wondered why I didn’t stayed at a hostel here.  1,394 more words


7 things I won't forget about Lima

1. The beautiful people.

2. Obsession with The Beatles and 70s music. Generally speaking, music is literally everywhere: public transport, taxis, fast food, on the street.  338 more words


Waiting and the New Book; Friends; the Beach; Photography and Sunsets

Book three is with my trusted readers now for a final read through. Instead of sitting and waiting for the results, I have decided to continue the work I started on the fourth book almost a year ago. 842 more words

Living In Lima Peru

The Devastating Zika Virus Explained

The virus is transmitted to people through the bite of infected female Aedes mosquitoes, the same type of mosquito that spreads dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever. 569 more words


So, You Want to Plan a Trip to Peru?

Last month I got an amazing opportunity to travel to Peru.  As my first trip to South America, I was incredibly excited.  My experience was amazing and eye-opening. 921 more words