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A special message to Trump supporters

A writer makes it very plain what happens when a Nation’s Judicial System is undermined. He penned the following.

Any democracy is as strong or as weak as the institutions that underpin its edifice. 323 more words

Hannity & Boortz

Donald Trump - American Terrorist, The Enemy Within – Part 1 of Many

By now we are well accustomed to learning about a mass shooting somewhere in the U.S. and seeing the statement that authorities are determining whether the killing represents an act of terrorism or “merely” something else. 1,830 more words


Forgotten Promises

How did Trump do it.

Scholars continue to wonder how Trump came to power. All they have to do is look at Hitler’s rise to power.  462 more words

Republican Crap Detectors Destroyed

How easily the Fascist wing of the Republican Party hijacked, and indeed, took over the minds of millions of Americans, is a mystery. Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels, theorized about how to successfully utilize Propaganda to do just this.  463 more words

Sunday Scaries Part 3: The Fear in Our Parents

Yesterday, after I responded unfavorably to some Boomer Facebook copypasta she sent me, my Mom unleashed a torrent of right-wing insanity, accusing me of being a communist, a Nazi, poor, lazy, greedy, and willing to execute her in a theoretical revolution. 925 more words


Look like bird does not make soup


How Hitler conquered Germany

The Nazi propaganda machine exploited ordinary Germans by encouraging them to be co-producers of a false reality.  Written by Nicholas O’Shaughnessy. 530 more words

Nothing To Sneeze At

The risk to all is very low;
Just wash your hands ten times or so
Each hour – and, what’s even wiser:
Slather on hand sanitizer. 124 more words