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Some handy tips to find out the compressive strength of mortar

It is advisable to apply 2 inch or 50mm cubes as stated by ASTM C109 / C109M – Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement Mortars to define the compressive strength of mortar. 326 more words


Taken by the frost! The beauty and destructive force of ice growth on masonry

After 28 years of working with weathering of cultural heritage, I have finally seen it “live” and photographed it: How the force of ice can destroy plaster on stonework. 1,714 more words


Frostforvitring på kulturminner: Bilder av et fenomen få har dokumentert og formidlet

Mange har meninger om frostforvitring på kulturminner, på stein, murverk, puss og mørtel. Men det er få som har dokumentert og formidlet fenomenet med bilder. Derfor er det mye synsing om «isens ødeleggende kraft». 1,830 more words


Burning the beaches. Happy New Year from the Faroe Islands!

The Faroe Islands, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. Basalt and other volcanic stone everywhere! Yet, many buildings on the islands were erected by the use of lime mortar, from the Middle Ages on. 334 more words


revisit and refresh

I’ve been trying hard to experiment and develop new work this year.   Of course,  it’s when I stop doing that,  relax,  and revisit old favourites that the pots really work out. 327 more words

Critical Journal

La Mason Femme

This post turned out to be a little technical, but I was fed up spending hours searching the internet on “how to point a French barn”, and finding unhelpful comments. 2,333 more words

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