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"Nidaros: The Portland Cement Cathedral" (Baker Memorial Lecture)

This week I attended the international conference “Rediscovering Traditional Mortars” in Trondheim. The conference was hosted by the Nidaros Cathedral Workshop and it was part of the annual conferences organised by the British… 1,996 more words


Hydraulic Lime, Which NHL?

Hydraulic lime is available in three different grades; NHL 2NHL 3.5 and NHL 5. The NHL stands for Natural Hydraulic Lime. The  445 more words

Non-Hydraulic Lime, What's Involved?

Non-hydraulic lime or as it’s also known, fat lime putty is, as the name suggests, a white, putty like material with a fairly solid consistency. It is relatively simple to work with but there’s two fundamental things you’ll need to know before you get started. 381 more words

Hydraulic Lime, Practical Advantages

Hydraulic Lime, Practical Advantages

Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) is generally associated with building conservation or as a green, eco-building material. That’s hardly surprising, hydraulic lime goes back as far as the Greeks, Egyptions and Romans. 292 more words

Update to Oak floor room progress and more windows...

It’s been busy with the business and on the pub restoration front, so it’s a good job school is off for a while!

After getting the lovely oak floor down we’ve oiled it with linseed and got a building regs approved fire door in place at their request… 431 more words

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Lime for Contemporary Construction

The benefits of using lime to create a vapour open construction are well known for historic solid walled buildings, however its use in modern construction is not so well documented. 2,033 more words

Bedroom chimney rebuild - upstairs big room

cut open chimney for lintel – just below this can vaguely be seen a blocked up fireplace – done with cement blocks – my aim was to take out blocks – put in a lintel and leave – simple idea but labourious process so see the steps below… 465 more words

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