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Stonemason Edinburgh: Key Masory Facts

Stonework is beautiful pieces that we don’t see frequently. Questions come in our minds on how their designers would plan them. The most important elements in fixing old buildings or creating new ones lie on the workers. 494 more words

Lime Mortar

Working With Lime Mortar Edinburgh

For over 2000 years now, lime has been used as a render or plaster, and as a binder for bricks and stones. Buildings made from lime mortar are durable and capable of withstanding ground movements and vibration. 508 more words

Lime Mortar

Types Of Stonemason

Different Sorts of Stonemasonry

The art of stonemasonry is one of the earliest mediums for sculpture and construction and ‘s been around for centuries. A mason is defined as ‘an individual who slashes, prepares and builds with flagstone,’ nevertheless, this could come in several kinds. 352 more words

Lime Mortar

The Veil of Secrets

Upon the road to Samhein, I’m facing my fears. Working on my root chakra, Muladhara, the fears of the past haunt me less.

I am no longer a child. 545 more words

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Building Limes Forum

By Declan Cahill
Earlier this year I wrote a blog post on the wonders of lime which outlined a period on the Scholarship where we were beginning to understand the historic use of lime. 871 more words

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Part 3 -redoing jobs already done and talking about lime mortar

from inside parlour(?) room

from kitchen room

Look before you leap – or duck before you end up in a heap- low door ways

When initially tackling the problem of replacing existing lintels I got stuck in the mind that I am just renewing what is there; that is speak for not thinking things out and leading myself into places I would prefer not to be really; such as mismatching door heights in the entrance. 1,097 more words

Renovating House