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And when they're up they're up, and when they're down they're down, but when they're only half way up ...

So,here we are, the middle of August and the weather is more like October and my productivity is more like January – zero !!  I am struggling to make inroads into two walls that have been awaiting my attention for over a year !   2,323 more words

Filling in the holes - literally!

You may remember this rather creative feature in the dirt floor room.

The room used to be the old pub kitchen and I guess one of the regulars offered his services to fit the vent and just cut through everything in its path. 34 more words

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Historic Mortar Analysis

Historic buildings in Ireland were built with lime, gypsum, earthen, Roman Cement and Portland Cement mortars. Lime-based mortars are most commonly found in historic buildings and archaeological monuments, and were used for bedding and pointing masonry, for internal plain and decorative plasterwork, for special purposes, and as external renders. 362 more words

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Farnaught Lime Kiln - an ornate 19th century building in a model estate demense

Farnaught Lime Kiln is possibly the most ornate and well-designed lime kilns in Ireland. In a period when most lime kilns consisted of an open-topped chamber built into the side of a hill, Farnaght kiln is an architectural exemplar within a model estate demense, concealing the kiln within a well-built T-shaped house. 374 more words


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Another week gone… and we’re into March and Autumn. Just like that!

Its been a juggle of a week with both kids sick and hubby interstate for work. 342 more words


DIY Materials, it's getting serious now!

Recently Owen has taken this whole restoration project to another level… Not only do we restore the building with our own bare hands we also now make up and mix the raw materials! 205 more words

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Lime Mortar on offer this November

We’re having a slurry of special offers here at Heritage Cob & Lime this November. First up, all of you who enter our customer photo competition are now eligible to win a £100 voucher on us. 209 more words