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A Birds Eye View 2013

Lucky you, it is that time of year again, where I brave life and limbs, standing on the roof to take photos of my garden. Don’t hold back your screams of delight, I can tell how excited you are. 346 more words


My House, Kilbourne Grove

Way back in July, 2009 I wrote this post. And I had a grand total of 13 people check it out. For some reason I was looking at my ‘all time’ stats, and this post was near the bottom of the list. 251 more words

Lime Walk

Musical Chairs

I play this game in my garden.  Most gardeners know this game all to well.  It is moving plants around.

Lets take for example, my… 236 more words


A Birds Eye View 2012

Are you all addicted to seeing me in high places? Do you like the idea of me on my roof, bracing myself against the wind? Come on, want the truth here. 773 more words


What a Difference a Year Makes

When I was looking at my photos from last April, I realized there was quite a difference (approx 3 weeks) between where the garden was in April 2011 and April 2112.  220 more words


hampstead heath and er Gucci....

Lime Walk Hampstead Heath – beautiful -no? Note one of my dogs in the left hand corner…

My Wall St Journal column today is an interview with… 21 more words


Framed views and focal points

Visual interest in gardens can be accenuated by cleverly framing views and the judicious placement of focal points. A garden where this is expertly executed is Sissinghurst. 296 more words