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Nuclear Daiquiri

The Nuclear Daiquiri, “created by the late and great Gregor de Gruyther at London´s LAB in 2005, a bartender who worked in some of the world´s top bars… 62 more words


The Gizzard

Our favourite Yoga Instructor/Kayak Guide/Adventure Concierge/Historian/Program Coordinator inspired this tasty tipple.

1.5 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey
1.5 oz Fresh Lime Juice
4 dash Angostura Bitters… 12 more words



Turgor is the cell tension that comes about when the cell in a plant has got enough liquid in it. If the cells do not have the necessary amount of liquid in them they become flaccid and the plant wilts. 48 more words




Wastage in the hospitality industry was today pronounced ‘BIGGER THAN JESUS’.

This comes after more than 7,522 meals were chucked away across the UK this weekend, far more than when the son of god allegedly transformed five loaves and two fish to feed ‘the’ 5000. 378 more words

Secret Bartender

D.W.B. "Daiquiri With Benefits"

The Rhum Agricole Blanc makes a great and strong daiquiri, “.. and it gets even better with the funk of Batavia arrack.”: the D.W.B… 41 more words


Midnight Berry Blast

Man it’s been a while here. I’ve been so focused on working on stuff for the youtube channel that I’ve let the blog lapse a bit. 138 more words

Gold Rush

This week we’ve got a fantastic gold colored drink with a nice kick. I don’t do much with tequila, but this really hits the spot. It’s a nice balance of alcohol burn and a pinch of sweet. 166 more words