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Light & Limerence

Moments held captive in time
like bubbles in my cider,
never your wine.
With or without you
playing on the music box
irony following me everywhere. 96 more words

The Limerent

Limerent lover, you caught me when I fell from the sky, unable to fly any more, like Marquez’s winged Gabriel landed in the chicken coop, a mute wonder of decrepit miracle and obscene spectacle for sale. 455 more words



they have shed their fuchsia calyxes-
i understand i’m needed
no more

your tea bags wither
on the study,
tasting of ledgers,
and cheque-books

even the rain has turned… 17 more words


What is Limerance - Limerant

My guess is that anybody who might find their way here to read this will be well aware of what Limerance is, but here’s a definition and some words about how it applies to me. 340 more words


As usual, I'm the last to know.

Apparently the only “relationship” I’ve ever been in ended some time in the last couple of days, and no one thought to tell me.  Or saw fit to.  364 more words