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Daylight Saving

My Sunday’s I like to spend resting

And enjoy filling my food craving

But the clock says half past eight

And it’s already getting late

Because of goddamn daylight saving


Limerick: Orthodontist

At the orthodontist office

My kids’ smiles will be flawless

And the staff is so kind

But they never remind

How much this is killing my wallet


Limerick: Modern Dating

It’s never been easy to date

There’s lots of decisions to make

But now if the date goes crappy

And she wakes up unhappy

She’ll accuse you of engaging in rape


The Colleen Bawn - Murder on the Shannon

Born into a Limerick farming family in 1803, Ellen Hanley’s life was snuffed out in a cold, calculated murder at only fifteen years of age. 799 more words


Eclipse Limerick

Solar eclipse in the sky
Made day dark as night
But if you’re too dumb
And you look at the sun
The sun will burn out your eyes


Limerick: At the Carwash

My car is so dirty it’s a sin
I’m taking it to the carwash again
But knowing it will
Only be clean until
My kids get their dirty asses back in