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It's a Down-to-Earth Limerick about Gravity!

The levity of a poem about Gravity
Can only be increased by its brevity
So before it gets dull
Like a weekend in Hull
I’ll end it before it reaches such depravity.


Perfectly Imperfect

Perfection implies a stable performance,

reliable and dependable

and depending on your personality this

instills boredom or trust.

Dependable, predictable,

moving towards routine

without the imagination to… 54 more words


They love our culture but hate our colour. By Dylan Leeloo 

Welcome to the first ever poem of the Random Poem Tree. I hope that everyone enjoys it and please don’t forget to share your own poetry with us. 104 more words


4 Limericks

The Limerick’s Charm
The limerick’s charm it is said,
Can be found when spoken, not read,
So given a choice,
I’ll favor the voice,
And say it aloud in my head. 99 more words


Disturbing Dreams Limerick

My dreams are really quite angular

My psyche worryingly singular

Often an impossible object

Is my slumbering mind’s subject

I don’t understand this vernacular…

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An old limerick full of memories

Life is movement and so it’s great that time goes by (“moves”) but sometimes it feels too fast. I remember us sitting in an Irish Pub, writing limericks and I noticed that this was in 2008. 150 more words


Delirious Limerick

There was a young man who delirious,

Forgot to be quite so serious.

He had so much fun,

With sternness he’s done,

And his life is now splendidly glorious!