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Commandant Trump

Trump’s locking up all of the babies.
There’s no doubt about it – no maybes.
To camps they are streaming!
Reporters are screaming!
(Perhaps they’re infected with rabies.)

Stalag U.S.A.


It was Barack what done it!

Who Trump? He’s no dictator charmer.
He’s no North Korean disarmer.
He is just a buffoon;
Go and ask Kim Jong-un!
Give another Peace Prize to Obama!


Reliving the moment you went away,
Profound devastation I cannot allay.
Forced deprivation,
Sans consolation,
Consuming angst impossible to convey.

“Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.” ~ Henry Rollins


Visitor, Limerick

The visitor arrived at dusk,

commandeered a shrub for a roost;

Bird feed was the best,

scuffed up a cute nest,

two eggs, large, a hen I deduce.

c. Lemuel

20 June 2018

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A Matter Of Some Gravity

The tailor who dressed me is poor
I shan’t wear his suits anymore
I dress to the right
But my whities aren’t tight
And I fell through the left to the floor


Rude Limerick Maybe?

A hardworking hooker, not picky

about who’d she’d get hot and quite sticky

she jerked Nig, Claude and Fred

to Big Dave she gave head… 11 more words