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Hey guys! This poem is a limerick, a short, humorous and often silly poetic style created by Edward Lear. It consists of five lines, with a strict rhyme scheme of AABBA. 102 more words



This here silly rhyme is a mental wrecks

For I was looking for words starting with ‘x’

Too many (really!!! :P ) obfuscating, annoying and plain unreal…

45 more words

Poor Agnes ~ #AprilWriting #limerick

Poor Agnes was the laugh of her class

Twas a gaseous young thing, this poor lass

But she was quite a hoot

Every time she would toot… 29 more words

Night Owl Poetry

A to Z Limerick Y

Yonder denotes near or far

Maybe distant as bright shining star

Though it’s not always clear

Meaning by over there

Defined measure would sure raise the bar. 14 more words

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Every time I look into your eyes
It reminds me of those azure blue skies
Even when I found myself adrift in the land full of strangers… 67 more words


splash of water

Written for:  The Twiglets #73 – “splash of water”

A champagne splash is better than water.

In the splash of water from his hand
she could see the future. 37 more words

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A to Z Limerick X

‘Xpressing letter X in a verse

Seems inexplicably absurd

If it’s marking a kiss

That too seems so remiss

While a spot’s marked by X so I’ve heard. 12 more words

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