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"Treat & Eat"

She was a kind of cookie,
he never tasted,
she wished to treat with,
he wished to eat,
the butterflies will always fly to smelly butter. 8 more words

Uncle by Harry Graham

Uncle, whose inventive brains

Kept evolving aeroplanes,

Fell from an enormous height

On my garden lawn, last night.

Flying is a fatal sport,

Uncle wrecked the tennis court.

by Harry Graham

All Alone (Limerick)

A young man was once all alone

Moping and thinking at home

7 billion plus

It’s just my luck

I’m sitting at home all alone


There Was A Young Poet Called Horace

There was a young poet called Morris
Who laid claim to The Odes of Horace.
When they put him on trial
He said “there can be no denial… 7 more words


Three feet of snow in Sahara, a Limerick.

Three feet of new snow in Sahara

The end of the Climate Change era?

It is changing alright

in the cold winters night.

A snowstorm in desert Sahara. 45 more words


A Short Sighted Police Officer Called Mia

A short sighted police officer called Mia
Arrested a young lady named Tia.
On taking another look,
She said “I mistook
You for my nemesis Maria!”