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Limerick, Days 6 and 7!

Leaving Dublin wasn’t as hard for me as leaving Rome, but this was mainly due to a great deal of excitement over my next stop; Limerick! 880 more words


Limerick - Landslide

Rhyme Scheme: aabba

a – 7-10 syllables

b – 5-7 syllables


Everybody has a season to make,

To blow past life, to reason, to fake. 75 more words


There was a Young Man called Jeb

There was a young man called Jeb

Who wasn’t quite right in the head

So he tried out for POTUS

But couldn’t get voters

So  now spends every day in his bed


Literary Lion. How to say goodbye.

When it comes to blooms and eyes, two of my favourite tales from the last month have included Graham’s In His Mind’s Eye and Andy’s  147 more words


The Lurking Poet

There was a poet who was working,
He wrote a poem so larking:
But the poem was so much honky,
So disastrous it was to him…
161 more words


Power of Pen

When I arrived at my seat I saw a bunch of cute pens,

I grabbed the black, purple, red, orange, green and blue, hence,

I used the first three and wrote a poem, 21 more words


On President Obama's visit to Alaska. Check the tree-stumps in the retreating glaciers. A Limerick.

President Obama is on a mission to Alaska to promote draconian measures to combat Climate Change. What he doesn’t know is that Alaskans see evidence of the Ice Age everywhere, and that warm and cold periods has been with Alaska since time began. 203 more words