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A Study in Wow

There once was a pretty young gal 

Dark eyes with amazing brow 

She loved to show 

Her belly a-glow 

And her hair was a study in WOW!

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Limerick #225

When Chinese mushrooms hallucinate.
A two-part limerick…

A high flying rice bowl named Gilly
That flew upside-down became really
Upset when pursued.
“I hate to be rude, 41 more words


There Was A Young Boy Called Ed (a limerick for children)

There was a young boy called Ed
Who wrote a story about his ted.
His mother did remark,
“It is getting dark,
And you and ted must go to bed!” … 17 more words


The Streets of London

Hello, London calling – you know where we are.
Come visit, you tourists – it’s not very far.
See our lovely city –
Its bridges – so pretty. 12 more words


Gag is no Joke

The U.S. is the land of the free
For its first amendment you see
Guarantees free expression,
While here reigns repression –
Australia chokes on 18C.

Repeal 18C


Police Baffled

“Kill the infidels! – their pleas ignore!
Let the streets run with blood – this is war!
Disbelievers behead!”
The police chief has said:
“Why he did it we’re really not sure.”