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Why I chose New Media & English

Okay so New Media and English – it’s not the typical course you would hear the average Leaving Cert Student say that they are putting down on their CAO. 180 more words


Sunday Best


He dressed to the nines,
tried to pretend he was fine,
and bet on his pride
that he was able to hide
pain behind polish and shine. 23 more words


Where to go next?

Having a light pack and willing to just find a place and go

Wondering where’s the issue and one that makes me slow

Just somewhere newer to me… 78 more words


Once Upon A Time...

A woman gives in to the demon and it took control

Never can she get away or hide, it’s  taking it’s toll

Her quick fix was very easily met… 134 more words


Or Jesus won't half give a spank.

Pray Father, give me your blessing

To my peccadilloes, I am now confessing.

Please name them in rank,

From a  theft to a wank.

Or Jesus won’t half you en- spank. 193 more words


It's all clear

I know  why you went dipsy-doodle

Moving constantly like a noodle

Every day,

In your own way,

All eyes  on the big  caboodle.


Limerick / Valentine's Countdown - 7

This week’s limerick prompt from Mind and Life Matters is “feral”…

A cartoon character called Beryl
Was always but one step from peril
She claimed to be brave… 78 more words