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Under New Management

Its citizens all wear a frown,
For Brussels is tense and locked-down.
With no drawbridge or moat
The fifth columnists gloat;
They’re poised to take over the town.


Limerick Challenge..!

Hello everybody..!

This is my entry for the Limerick Challenge hosted by Rashmi..! The prompt was Gratitude..
Close your eyes

Think of all things nice… 100 more words


Babs the mad woman from Kos.

There lived a mad woman from Greece,
Who wore purple pants made of fleece,
She lived on a farm,
Had only one arm,
And often had dinner with geese.

Gregory William.

Creative Writing

The man with Pica disorder.

There once was a man from Dundee,
Who swallowed his motorbike key,
With great indigestion,
And colon congestion,
He passed it and rode off in glee.

Gregory William.

Creative Writing


There happened one night a discussion,
With instruments of the percussion,
Something went wrong
When discussing the gong,
And the drum ended up with concussion.

Gregory William.

Creative Writing

help! I'm becoming a critical parent!

Not critical of my kids, though – critical of other parenting styles! A couple incidents a few days ago stood out to me particularly.

Limerick and I were playing at a children’s museum by our home and a little girl about his age was there with her parents. 675 more words

Family Life

Weekly Limerick Challenge 7 :Gratitude

Standing on a high altitude.

We looked up and felt the gratitude.

The almighty has brought us home.

Curing his height syndrome.

And giving us the much needed solitude. 60 more words