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John Kerry: Refrigerators and terrorists. A Limerick.

My terrorist fridge has been hacked.

No teens had its content ransacked.

But more evil than ISIS

is the climate change crisis.

Says Kerry: It’s HFC’s packed. 348 more words


Not Cottoning On

What is it gets into each head?
Now he cannot tell us – he’s dead.
Awake and asleep,
We night and day keep
Searching for that common thread.


There Was A Young Lady Called Lucinda

There was a young lady called Lucinda
Who met a hot man on Tinder.
He said, “with you I will level,
I am the devil… 8 more words


Summer Bucket List: Sticky Notes

This is something a friend and I have wanted to do for quiet awhile and definitely intend to do again. We spent the day –  while also catching Pokemon – leaving nice sticky notes around town with inspiring  phrases on them such as “Stay Strong”, “You are Beautiful”, “You are worth it”, “Hakuna Matatta” etc. 65 more words

Bucket List

Dysfunctional Demos

Iraqi, Iranian, Turk;
They sometimes go somewhat berserk.
Hot blooded, erratic;
With those Asiatic,
Democracy seldom will work.


How our under 8 years kids martial arts classes are structured.

Danny getting his yellow belt. At this point he would have done around 64 classes based around themes like focus, fitness, discipline and coordination. The little ninjas 4-8 years old class teaches these skills through martial arts based games and techniques. 20 more words