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Monopolizing the Limelight: Irish Cinema and Politics in Autumn 1915

In late August 1915, a Dublin Evening Mail columnist urged readers to pay more attention to such politicians as Winston Churchill than to celebrities. “It would undoubtedly be very bad for the nation,” s/he argued, 2,187 more words

Charlie Chaplin

The joy of planting trees. A Limerick.

Plant trees at age seventy-four

is more than the everyday chore.

With heart pounding, face red,

“Check your pulse!” my wife said.

Life’s wonderful, why ask for more?


Rhyming Poetry, How Do I Write Thee?

Let me count the ways.

1. Find a rhyming dictionary. Keep it on hand. Be prepared to throw it at the wall in frustration a few times, and to choose “close enough” rhymes on occasion. 849 more words


They love our culture but hate our colour. By Dylan Leeloo 

Welcome to the first ever poem of the Random Poem Tree. I hope that everyone enjoys it and please don’t forget to share your own poetry with us. 104 more words


Girl from NZ (Week 10 - My Sunday Photo)

A Girl From NZ

By Donna-Louise Bishop

There was a girl who moved to New Zealand,

When she left for new seas and sand,

Her friends and family missed her lots, 160 more words

brotherly love - a scene

Earlier today Rondel climbed up onto an armchair and asked if Limerick could sit with him on the chair. Since Limerick had just been trying to get up into a second armchair, I thought he would like it, asked him if he wanted to sit with Rondel, and then put him up in the chair with Rondel. 144 more words

Family Life

Fair weather Climate alarmists? Protest moves from Boston Commons to Ritz-Carlton. A Limerick

It rained and was cold up in Boston.

For heat, fossil fuel warms Ritz Carlton.

With the protest on the fritz

they went inside to the Ritz… 90 more words