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Fundamental Fix

The poor guy was born with no date.
A nasty uncomfortable fate.
So he needs to find
What’s missing behind;
I’m sure she would fit – so use Kate.



A Lickin’

I’m not narcissistic – that’s sick.
The self-obsessed get on my wick.
They make me so mad!
So would it be bad
To beat them with my selfie stick?




Though moderns would not think it best

Ahasuerus and the rest

Since Vashti was unseen

Chose to choose a new queen.

Esther hand’ly won the contest.

(Est 1.19)     – eab,  4/1/05


Limerick to an April Fool

Bit of fun this morning….. :-)

There was an old fool named McAlister
Who set up an exploding canister
He wrapped it so tight
That the mechanism did ignite… 8 more words


The Anthropocene era? Worship the creature rather than the creator. A Limerick.

The Anthropocene is today

an era that entered the fray

of the climate change freaks.

Blame the humans! It reeks

of hubris. Me guilty? Ixnay. 63 more words


M. E. News Flash

Just in! First of April – The News:
The Saudis have legalized booze!
Imams labeled kooks
And Iran ditches nukes!
The Arabs make friends with the Jews!



Barbarians have some strange rules
To deal with adulterous fools.
They’ll smash them to gore;
Their punishment for
Misusing the family jewels.