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The Cycle of the Circle

Through the path and spiraling in the turns that take me to the center, I come together with myself owning the moment and open to the message. 160 more words

The Daily Experience

The Beginning of the Cycle

History tends to repeat itself. At least that’s how the saying goes. I have seen this in politics, family decisions and behaviors and even in “new” innovations. 433 more words


I don’t want to write this blog post.

In fact I’ve been doing pretty much everything I can to avoid it (including binge-watching my guilty pleasure on Netflix and hosting an impromptu photoshoot with an unwilling cat I found in my building). 934 more words

Liminal Space

Covenants Guide Us Through the In-Between Times

How do you remember your past?  Are there important stories from your past that have played a role in who you are today?  Are there pictures, objects, even artifacts that you display prominently in you home or office that help you remember where you came from, who you are and what is important?  1,265 more words


I used to have this great desire to work my way up the ladder. I can attribute much of that (not all) to an inward desire to be significant. 377 more words

Quaker Discernment Circle

We can sometimes find ourselves at a crossroads in our life – this job or that, this community or that, this city/country or that… these times can be terribly isolating as we wear well-worn tracks in our own minds going over what we know (again and again) but not knowing how best to move forward. 671 more words

The Art Of Discipleship