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Matthew 7:13-28: Duality Two

Matthew 7:13-28: Duality Two

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Yesterday we shared concepts from Hispanic life and culture as we explored the paradox of Jesus’ death and rising. 762 more words


Matthew 7:13-28: Duality One

Matthew 7:13-28: Duality One

Friday, April 20, 2018

We are about to close the third week of Eastertide, a time of dichotomy, paradox and challenge. 765 more words


Sitting in the Silence: A post-Easter reflection on Holy Saturday

Perhaps it’s just the season I’m in, but this year, I was drawn to reflect upon Holy Saturday – the silence, the uncertainty, the doubt and confusion, the sadness, loss and grief. 1,022 more words


Post Spring Break Changes to Campus Explained Through Haikus

We are back on campus and some things are the same but also, some things are different. In this period of transition times can be tough so here are some poems to get us through. 79 more words


Plot Magic


There comes a time in every character’s life when something dramatic must occur, something that will separate them from their past and propel them forward into the story.  798 more words


Kingston’s Dancehall: A story of Space and celebration by Sonjah Stanley Niaah

‘Limbo,’ Butterfly and the ‘Jerry Springer’, dances throughout Jamaica’s Dancehall history, have mostly been created in the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA). The stories they tell about history, the birth and evolution of New World culture, cross-fertilization, and strategies of self and identity, help to construct a narrative of the transformation of Kingston’s urban postcolonial to celebratory space. 264 more words


What to Do in Liminal Space (between what was and what could be)

“If we don’t encounter liminal space in our lives, we start idealizing normalcy.”
— Richard Rohr

“Our lives cannot be bound by our current status.” 1,125 more words

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