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Evolution & Christ in the Mystical Theology of Teilhard de Chardin by Fr David Moore

THE SPIRITUAL PROBLEM (diagnosed for the Western church)

  1. Christian confession has rendered Christ as static figure
  2. Christ’s principal business is judgement
  3. Christ has become a…
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Clinical academic careers and liminal space

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the challenges of moving from clinical life to a fun existence in the Tower of Doom.  I was somewhat preoccupied with this issue for a couple of reasons: first, I had recently had a somewhat bruising encounter with an NHS trust as I attempted to maintain one foot in research and the other in practice; and second, I was about to give a presentation on the subject to A LOT of midwives.   112 more words

Bernie Divall

Thought Bubbles and Sound Bites by Lisa Hunt-Wotton

Thought Bubbles and Sound Bites by Lisa Hunt-Wotton

Monday’s Meditation  

I love to journal and have always journaled.  From time to time I sit down and go through my journals because there are often nuggets of gold that you forget about.   1,175 more words

Monday's Meditation

On Leaving Home

Exactly one year ago today — July 18 — I left home. Got in my car and followed a longing to fulfill something deep within me. 468 more words



When I’m feeling especially brazen I declare: we are falling in love. When days have passed and he has not reached out I am convinced: I must leave this state to leave him. 200 more words

Flash Fiction

Presentations and Personal Narratives

I seem to find myself giving presentations about my personal narrative on a fairly regular basis.  The first time I did this, several years ago now, I described it as feeling naked.   424 more words

Bernie Divall

Kalor Foxx : Bio Fact #1


Kalor Foxx is a highly educated, a 3rd Black Belt in Aikido, and also an avid writer and “blogger”. 11 more words

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