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Reflecting on the Liminal Space

A liminal space is a place of not knowing, transition or waiting. The text states a liminal space to be a spiritual position ie where your mind is at a point in time. 267 more words

Clouds over Sidra: How to unlock education in liminal spaces ???????


Although I have been teaching a very long time I feel completely out of my depth to constructively consider how to unlock education in the absolute desperate liminal spaces of the Za’atari refugee camp. 290 more words


Looking into the future: Liminal Spaces

As human beings the most common question we ask often on a daily basis is “why?” or “what happens now?”? Change is a natural part of life, and something that is inevitable and out of our control. 157 more words

Teachers And Students

Liminal Spaces and Education of the Future

The liminal space is the space between what we know and have done in the past and what we will know and do in the future. 203 more words

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Vietnamese Refugee's in the 1970's- Liminal Space and survived !

I just want to share with you a story from my childhood.  I came from a small country community called Rainbow in the Mallee, North West Victoria, living on a wheat and sheep farm.  455 more words

Comfort Zone Waiting

What is a Liminal space?

A liminal space is the in between space, the transitional. Kind of like puberty, you understand childhood, you get the swing of adulthood, but adolescence going through puberty makes life a little tricky, a bit confusing, nothing settles; it’s not the end product, but it’s still something, and plays an important part of a person’s overall transformation into adulthood. 202 more words

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