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The Liminal Space

The Liminal Space…..a doorway…….being “in-between”……the “space” a person is suspended in during a right of passage.  It’s where one finds oneself when leaving behind what is known, and before embarking on what is to be.  247 more words

The Place We Call Home

I am waiting for a flight that will return me to Florida, a place I now call home. It’s confusing in that I am leaving a place that I called home for 43 years. 680 more words

Liminal space

You are not where you used to be.

You are not where you are going to be.

Therefore, be where you are.

From The Counsellor

liminal spaces

So the exam shit, miraculously, ended.

It didn’t feel quite how I expected. Some part of me expected to emerge, blinking, from my bio exam into some rush of light and sudden air; like emerging from a tunnel. 478 more words

liminal space

as i read this little article from Dumbo Feather i could feel it slowly stoking my excitement as i count down towards travelling to vanuatu & india & nepal in the coming months. 9 more words

A Study in Patriotism

Happy Independence Day,

United States of America!!!

For a little 4th fun, here is my favorite patriotic song. Written by two Swedes and an English man about an imaginary Soviet defector . 37 more words


What Is Found in a Liminal Space?

This prolonged heat spell is making me feel as if I am in a liminal state. Between living and dead. Even in the air conditioning I feel drained and sweaty and as if my body continues to swell. 576 more words