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The quick and the dead

Today I paid a visit at our local retirement high rise. Here at church we refer to it as our south campus, what with a few dozen of our members living there. 373 more words

Life And Faith

Retrograding through liminal space

✨ Venus is at the end of her retrograde journey. Today & tomorrow she’s coming to a final stop before moving forward again.

This part of the retrograde cycle is challenging. 114 more words


The God of Liminal Space

I want to talk, for a moment if I may, about the god of liminal spaces.

I don’t know his (her/its/their) name; I only recognise him by the sound that emanates from him when he is near: a ringing in the ears, a moan on the wind, silence so complete it becomes its own sound, a piercing train whistle where there is no train readily visible. 223 more words

Space Micro Fiction

In case you wondered...

What I think about when I can’t sleep, this concept popped up on Tumblr last night and pretty much dominated the two hours I couldn’t fall asleep. 78 more words


The Cycle of the Circle

Through the path and spiraling in the turns that take me to the center, I come together with myself owning the moment and open to the message. 160 more words

The Daily Experience

The Beginning of the Cycle

History tends to repeat itself. At least that’s how the saying goes. I have seen this in politics, family decisions and behaviors and even in “new” innovations. 433 more words


I don’t want to write this blog post.

In fact I’ve been doing pretty much everything I can to avoid it (including binge-watching my guilty pleasure on Netflix and hosting an impromptu photoshoot with an unwilling cat I found in my building). 934 more words