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Wondrous Wednesdays:That liminal place...

The state of liminality intrigues me.

Sitting in the doorway of newness; the almost but not yet place of birthing a new piece of art, jewelry, garment, essay; awaiting that next place in life–these are a few of the images swirling through my waking and deep sleeping dreams in the past eighteen months. 67 more words



The woods were young. Scrub brush and poplars barely beginning to give way to young oak and maple. They were young in the season as well, barely there leaves giving the appearance of a fine green haze about the branches, but the bare bark of trunks and limbs still very visible. 493 more words

Creative Writing

Gauge driving along The Silk Road

In a prior adventure, before meeting up with Kalor. 6 more words

Liminal Space

The Value of Saturday

This past Sunday we showed a video in church called It’s Friday, But Sunday’s Coming. You’ve probably seen the video or heard a similar message somewhere around Easter time. 717 more words


It Is Well with My Soul

(This post is part of the February synchroblog “Renewal”)

“How’s your soul?” Pastor Sarah asked one day.

I was momentarily taken aback because I hadn’t really thought about it. 853 more words


Goobble A.I. Wallpaper

Want to check out what may be the ultimate baddie?

This entity has its tentacles and wires in everything! 7 more words

Liminal Space