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I have long patience. Long enough to stay with you.

But boy, you’ve reach my limit. Congratulations!

I gave up.


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Do not limit yourself,

You yourself do not know what you can do,

Do not restrict yourself,

You know what you have to do,

DO not control yourself, 47 more words


Iterating the logistic map: limsup of nonperiodic orbits

Last time we found that when a sequence with and does not become periodic, its upper limit must be at least . This time we’ll see that can be as low as and determine for which it is equal to 1. 469 more words


Follow your nature

Wait, do I  have my own nature?

Yes, you do.

You don’t know yet and that’s the reason you strive so much.

We all have our own unique nature. 570 more words


RAPL (Right Adjoint Preserve Limits) Theorem. Part 8b/End Part.

Fix a small category I and a diagram D ∶ I → C of shape I. Then the limit of D, if it exists, consists of an object… 1,068 more words


Follow these 8 rules to be an excellent defensive driver

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

It’s not easy to be a good driver. I’ve been driving for decades, behind the wheel in many, many different vehicles, and I’m constantly trying to figure out if my skills are up to snuff. 1,193 more words