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Card of the Day: April 19 2015 - Five of Swords

Today may be conflicting. You may be fighting a battle and for every step forward there are two steps back. You may be winning the fight in one aspect, but losing in another. 35 more words


Go Forth & Do The Impossible ...No Limits

Too often in life we allow our creativity and growth to be imprisoned by someone else’s limitations.

These limitations are man made boundaries, often created in the mind, spread by mouth, hardly tested, yet easily accepted. 68 more words

How to get data from more than 4 objects in a report without code

Many times I’ve been asked how to make declarative reports from more than one child object that ‘don’t relate’. Salesforce does have a native functionality of joining multiple report types, but there are limitations such as lack of export capability. 99 more words


Crash Course in Magic# 6

The Drawbacks of Magic:

  • Unlocking this highly active and continuous brain state heightens the mage’s nervous system. In their altered state of mind the mage becomes super sensitive to everything around them.
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Arcane Realm

Knowing Your Path

In the course of telling people about our journey, we have heard this a great deal:

“Wow! I wish I could do the same. You’re living my dream!”

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Limitations Unlimited

We’ve seen them—many of them young, bold and vibrant . . . Some of them glowing, their faces registering the joy of achievement.

The Special Olympics and similar sporting events, among other activities, geared to and convened for people willing to push themselves beyond either physical or developmental limitation—or both, often raise my gaze. 766 more words


"This is my friend _______ and she has _______ disorder."

Over my spring break I finished reading a book, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon, a British writer. This book is about a young boy trying to solve a mystery of his neighbor’s murdered dog (I know, who in the world would murder a sweet dog?) all while dealing with multiple life obstacles thrown at him. 1,039 more words