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Restoring a Forest: Looking Back, Moving Forward

On today’s morning walk through the forest, I stopped for a moment to listen. My dog sat quietly at my side as the forest came alive, no longer silenced by the racket of my shoes pushing through the fall leaves and the jingle of the dog’s collar. 828 more words

Watershed Moments 3.0

On Our Public and Private Selves

Photo credit: Cast a Line via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-SA

Several years ago, a colleague’s father died. I had only been working at the firm for a month or two, and did not know this colleague particularly well. 923 more words


To PR or Not to PR, That is the (Mind's) Question

Life has no limitations, except the ones you make. Les Brown

A couple weeks ago I was scheduled to run a The Middle Half Marathon. This is a 13.1 mile race I have completed several times, so there was no hesitation about finishing the race. 764 more words

Sometimes we can't 

Sometimes we want to give and we can’t

Sometimes we want to feel and we can’t

Sometimes we want to act and we can’t

Sometimes we want to transcend and we can’t… 138 more words


That Time I Forgot About My Body's Limitations

The current town my husband and I live in is home to one of the state’s most popular universities with a very popular football team (unlike our tiny, football-less alma mater). 1,140 more words

Chronic Illness

Limitations: Are they Restrictions that Block or Focus?

If you had access to all the greatest woods in infinite supply, what would you make?

Questions like this are difficult because there really are no boundaries – anything is possible, so you must consider everything.

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Thinking Outloud (So To Speak)