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Brian Eno once deliberated that art is a way of rehearsing different ways of living, a way of looking at experience from reframed perspectives. Art, literature, music, whatever, omits, adds, focuses, distorts and presents possibilities that the artist and its subjects haven’t experienced or considered. 1,093 more words

Take It to the Limit?

How fast can a person ride on a bicycle? How fast have you gone on a bicycle? I know I’ve broken 50mph (downhill, of course). 645 more words


Accepting our limitations

How sweet or how sad?

Knowing one’s limitations?

Being asked to rise to the occasion, when the mind says “yes” and the body says “no.” 220 more words


D. K. W. 2. E. (Don't Know What to Express)

I’m having a bit of difficulty in expressing my thoughts after a year and a half of not posting here on my blog. As a beginner and aspiring writer as I am, it is not easy to convey what’s my mind and heart want to tell. 115 more words

Tomorrow's Tongue

The words we know are not the only words we need to use,
They’re just the ones that practice makes it likelier we’ll choose.
Our language will be richer with another word or two. 8 more words


Scrubs - Your mind throws up roadblocks

This is one of my favourite scenes from the entire show – it’s actually a really deep concept about realising when your holding yourself back … and that you can achieve more than you think you can.

Funny Pictures

Keep on trying. By: Noxolo Manyati

Even if it is hard to change, or to become a better person do not stop keep on trying. Keep in mind that, if plan A did not work you still have the whole alphabets to try again. 124 more words