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Cash Flow

Cash Flow Forecast – predicts all the likely receipts (cash inflow) and all the likely payments (cash outflow) month by month. This is always a prediction as it hasn’t happened yet. 268 more words



The author (composer, choreographer or scriptwriter) is the creator of the piece. However, it can be argued that the performers who interpret the piece can make such substantial contributions that they become also co-creators of a specific version of the piece. 92 more words


Day 21: Just Breathe

These days, I have a lot on my plate, especially in workplace. I guess that is just what happens when you work at school. The closer you get to the end of academic year, the busier you will be. 196 more words

1 Year Of Gratitude

An unexpected cause of pain: being short

Of all the things in life that can cause pain, you would never think of being short as one of them, would you? I’m not talking about being short due to some genetic condition or illness. 1,198 more words



As someone who has had surgeries and been told for years that I can’t do this or I won’t be able to do that. I’m aware of my limitations and there are times I add more to myself then are needed. 694 more words

Altered Course

What if night altered its course and morning is never of the same temper?

Tired of the squabbles and vacuous dialogues, they change their focus elsewhere… 90 more words


Stand Up, Speak Up, Sit Down...

Wisdom says, “Stand up to be seen. Speak up to be heard. Sit down to be appreciated.”

The application reaches into many areas, but it certainly has relevance for leaders. 67 more words