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RM Hack'n Slash - Developing Concept 3.2

Hello, I’ve had a frustrating time seeing if any of my unique-ish ideas were possible to do in RPG Maker without scripting. There’s no point prototyping something I can’t implement so I’ve been delving into RPG Maker to see how I could theoretically implement them. 780 more words

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Limits can be described as God's gift to us in disguise

Our limits are often the last place we look for God. We would rather overcome our limits, break through them or deny them. There are times when we even plan around them. 411 more words


God, Use Weakness. God, Use Me!

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Tuesday, July 28, 2015

God, Use Weakness. God, Use Me!

God uses the oddest things. Like weakness. God plans on making sure that weakness is prominently represented in every aspect on God’s work in the world. 233 more words

The problem with SSDI's trial work program

When you’re on SSDI (social security disability insurance) the presumption is that your disability prevents you from working. Ok, I get that. But what if you want to return to work part time or full time? 573 more words




All my early life, I argued for my limitations. If not my own, then those of my circumstance.

If not circumstance then timing.

But there was this constant theme of “if only”… 272 more words


I have no reason to believe that someone would say that I make more sense to him or her than any other person would.

The reason I’m so expressive, keeping in mind the above statement, is that… 11 more words