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Bedbugs part 2

I talked to a friend who battled bedbugs and won. She told me the magic formula and the next day I started on my own attack.  445 more words



He watches her hang
By a thread—heart
And both fists banging—
But ghost cannot console…

© Azul, 2014



Of all the things I miss the most

Those lengthy walks along the coast

Where one tred beaches on the shore

And climbed small dunes there by the score. 76 more words


Say hello to the new me...

When your good intentions become your worst enemy, you know you are in trouble. We are currently closing on our soon-to be-home (yay!) and the current owners have allowed us to start working on it now, and yesterday really helped put things into perspective for me. 425 more words

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Who do you surround yourself with?

Today is just one of those days where every part of my body hurts.  I have been laying down all day tossing and turning trying to get comfortable but not move so much to irritate my throbbing head.  586 more words

Writing Challenge

Get What You Ask For

“If you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them.”

-Audle Allison

The more you fight for something, the more you get to hold onto it, and the more power it has over your life. 41 more words

Clare Angelica

Uninspiring Dreams

Uninspiring dreams

Float over melancholic landscapes

Fences limit progress©