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Why I prefer the virus

A few days ago I wrote about some symptoms I was having, but I didn’t know why. Now I know.

When I felt fatigued, brain fogged, and just “off” for the first couple days, I assumed I was just having “bad” days. 646 more words


Zen and the art of tax compliance

Let’s talk about tax (and yoga).

Now dear readers you may not realise but next to my family and friends there is nothing I love more than yoga. 924 more words


Disability Top Trumps (Belated #keepinitreal Day 5)

I’ve heard the phrase “Disability Top Trumps” quite a lot recently and it confused me for a while. I didn’t understand how someone could compare one condition with another. 826 more words

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Just do it like me!

When I was training to be a psychologist, we started off by learning about the different mental health problems people can experience and by reading case examples of how treatment worked. 697 more words



battered luggage

battle damaged

kicked around

the cargo carriage

one good runner

heavy mileage

have a rummage

through the silage

maybe find some

scraps to salvage… 27 more words


Considering Contentment in Church Life, Part 2

Last week I brought up the envy and discontentment that we can feel in church life because our church is as “x, y or z” as another church. 949 more words