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4. Stop Limiting Yourself!

‘But, “Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord”. For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends’. 1,558 more words



Why does it feel like I can only have so many of one thing?

“Take one please!”, “Maximum 52.”, “I told you, you can only have four pieces of candy.” 195 more words

And You Never Thought

Did you ever imagine
us being together?
all those times, all those doubts
everything you said, thought, felt

Your limitations
your expectations
not easy things to reconcile… 116 more words


Beliefs are LIMITing your life

If you ask average people to name some of the most important things in life, one of the common answers will undoubtedly be their beliefs… 388 more words

Mortal Limits

To feel or not to feel.

That is the question.

To life that we have so longed for.

To reflections that give no meaning.

For sun rise that gives nothing but fresh beginning… 96 more words


Forgetting when pain was scary

A friend mentioned that it’s frightening to wake up in pain. I paused, not sure what she meant for a moment. Then I remembered back to when waking up in pain was scary. 670 more words


The Revelation to Healing

Healing is a miraculous process. It’s also very painful. There’s a reason doctors allot a certain amount of time after you break a bone or undergo a surgical procedure. 357 more words

Chronic Illness