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Passion, Judgement and Limitation

as i sit here, post run, i can’t help but think of the topic of judgement.

as a female runner, being cat called and verbally poked at while running is something i am no stranger to.   478 more words


future's past

I stand intertwined in the eyes of the storms

a static current

where the pull of history

pushes past the future

fragments meet more fragmentation… 125 more words


The never-ending guessing game of boundaries

Having chronic illness means accepting limitations. For almost two decades, my limitations made life more difficult, and they prevented me from doing some things, but their impact was limited in its own way. 570 more words


Walk hard

That is a thing. Sometimes walking is hard. I have not done my usual walking, due to life getting in the way. Porkchop was sick and then died. 514 more words


Responsible Drinking

I posted this on my instagram today, and I’m posting it here to share some thoughts as I grew up around people (my aunt, uncle and my grandmom in my mother side) who don’t drink and hate drinking, and live in a country where many are heavy drinkers including my late father. 302 more words


#SoCS - Setting a Ceiling

When we’re kids, we think we can do anything. Sky’s the limit. As we get older we realize that reality dictates differently. There are some things we thought we could do that we can’t. 349 more words


The Box

It’d be easier to think outside the box

if we didn’t live inside the box

At the very least, we could

stick our heads out the window… 55 more words