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Do You Want That Government Supersized?

One of the central questions that determines a person’s political world view is how big the role of government should be in society. Our country’s founders had strong beliefs about the role of government, and they fought and died to establish a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.” 616 more words


Reduce the Size of the Government

After watching a video about invitation for Filipinos to study, work, and migrate to New Zealand, I searched for articles to find the nation’s economic situation. 39 more words

Limited Government

The Importance of Limited Government

Let’s face it, the United States government is going to far. I don’t know what bothers me the most, government overspending, lie after lie, cover-up after cover-up, out of control regulations or just the fact that the people of the United States just sit back and allow the government to slowly take away their rights and their assets. 712 more words


BE the change.

Do we focus too much on politics as a vehicle for change? Are we barking up the wrong tree, promoting our guy or gal to just win that election, and save us from evil doers and a tyrannical government? 437 more words

American Horror Story

Black Friday.

I was ignoring the whole thing. Until I saw the death count. Yes, there is a running total of how many gave their lives – for cheap stuff. 1,194 more words

Birth Of William and Kate's Baby Gives Americans Reminder Of What Our Country Could Look Like

The media, both political and celebrity camps, have pretty much gone insane the last few weeks covering Kate Middleton and William’s royal birth. This all culminated when the baby was born, and crowds gathered in London to see what the kid would look like. 601 more words


PRIME conducted its first training workshop in Karachi on the topic of “Foundations of Capitalism – Limited Government & Free Market”. Being a commercial hub of the country, Karachi was considered suitable candidate to inaugurate exploration of capitalism as the driving force for expanding prosperity. 345 more words

Market Economy