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The World Premier of DJ Salsa



I need to figure out how things go viral, because the Limp Bizkit/ Seinfeld remix that took over the internet a few days ago was straight trash homey. 102 more words


Hacen mashup de Limp Bizkit y el tema de la serie 'Seinfeld'

“Break Stuff” el mega éxito de Limp Bizkit del año 1999, le han hecho un mashup con la serie de televisión de Sienfeld emitida entre 1989 y 1998. 65 more words


Mashups para volver a la adolescencia y no querer regresar

Rihanna + Papa Roach 

(se pone bueno como en 0:40)

Linkin Park + Eminem

Hay todo un playlist de Linkin Park con Eminem

KoRn + Britney Spears… 53 more words


An early 2000's white boy's angst through the lens of limp bizkit - part 1

i was going to write about recently becoming a father, or how racism, sexism, and anti-lbgt sentiment is still alive and real no matter what straight white men think, but instead i’m going to talk about being an angry white teenager in the high time of… 1,219 more words

Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit's 'Break Stuff' & Seinfeld Theme Song -- Hear Epic Mashup

Some genius out there (with perhaps too much time on their hands) decided it would be a good idea to create a mashup of Limp Bizkit’s signature song ‘Break Stuff’ with, obviously, the theme song from ‘Seinfeld.’ The result? 290 more words

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