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Sorry Not Sorry, Jezebel, but I'm not waiting to see Hamilton to listen to the soundtrack.

As I’m sure so many of you have heard, the Hamilton cast recording released this week to critical acclaim and repeat listens from probably more than half of your Twitter feed. 1,084 more words

In Between

Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow with a bonus Alexander Hamilton review!

We have a tendency in this country to deify our Founding Fathers.  During this latest never-ending election cycle, we’re going to hear a lot of politicians blathering on about what our Founders would think about immigration, or gun control or healthcare. 700 more words

Book Review

desk lunch - 2015-10-01

Brought to you this week by Hamilton, currently devouring the brain of every person I know. If you’re looking for something linking this week’s three essays together, it’s something thematically similar: stories about how artists make their work and their careers happen. 514 more words


Hamilton on Broadway

Dear Gladys,

I can’t sleep. It’s like my body and mind doesn’t want to sleep past 6 hours. Once at 6am I am awake in bed tossing and turning and my mind is racing. 504 more words


Love of Broadway renewed by @HamiltonMusical

It’s no secret I love Broadway theatre. Well, maybe it is as I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it here. SURPRISE now you know! Anywho, I typically have liked/listened to more traditional musicals like Phantom of the Opera, A Little Night Music, Les Mis and the like. 575 more words


Hamilton Explained: The Schuyler Sisters

True to our promise, we’re becoming a Hamilton blog. Okay, maybe not full time, but you didn’t really think we’d stop at one post, did you? 1,694 more words


News Roundup

Shakespeare: When I first read the Wall Street Journal’s piece on this it sounded like one of the stupidest ideas I’ve heard yes I have a degree in English and have read and seen more Shakespeare than the average person, so I understand that it’s something that some people have been clamoring for ages about but this. 371 more words