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Making American History Great Again ﹣ 一個充滿戲劇性的創作故事

在香港提起音樂劇,相信大家聯想到的應該都是《West Side Story》、《Les Misérables》、《The Phantom of the Opera》、《Rent》、《Cats》和《Wicked》等膾炙人口的作品,但整體的普及程度遠遠不及電影。無他,在這個彈丸之地,表演場地有限,加上音樂劇十居其九都是以英文演出,很多人已經退而卻步。正因如此令我決定撰文介紹這套獲獎無數的音樂劇《Hamilton》,由公演開始就已經好評如潮,並迅速成為流行文化的重要一份子。

前文提及過《Hamilton》是一套以hip-hop/rap 為主體的歷史音樂劇,選擇這個方式的原因之一,是可以在最短時間內訴說一個故事,而這個想法早在創作人Lin-Manuel Miranda 第一次閱讀〈Alexander Hamilton〉這本傳記時就已經萌生。 247 more words


What Does the Academy Look for in Song Nominees?

No one has ever defined what makes a best song at the Oscars.

Is it great music and lyrics that relate to the movie’s story? Does the tune need to be catchy or memorable? 741 more words


I LOVE Immigrants and Refugees

“You know, and it gets into this whole issue of border security, you know, who’s gonna say that the borders are secure? We’ve got the House and the Senate debating this issue, and it’s… it’s really astonishing that in a country founded by immigrants, “immigrant” has somehow become a bad word. 718 more words

That Time When I Accidentally Saw Lin Manuel Miranda

That Time When I… is a series in which I reminisce on events, meetings, and awesome memories that I did not blog about in the past. 765 more words

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Hamilton: My American Obsession

For me, it began in January 2016. I had seen a few Facebook posts and Internet articles about this Broadway show called Hamilton: An American Musical… 1,088 more words


Book Review: Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter

There is a reason why Lin-Manuel Miranda called this book #Hamiltome on Twitter: It’s big and heavy, with binding that reminds one of The Encyclopedia Britannica. 340 more words

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Love is love cannot be swept aside … And love, is love, is love, is love, is love, is love, is love, is love cannot be killed or swept aside….Lin-Manuel Miranda

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