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It's a Broadway Miracle: There is a Way to See 'Hamilton' for Free

I would love to get tickets to Hamilton. But if I’m being realistic, that’s about as likely to happen as the election recounts are poised to alter the current course of American history.  252 more words



From the creators that brought you the movie Moana, comes “Millennials the Musical.” The dynamic duo of Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson (age 44) and… 173 more words

VOTD: Hamilton Mixtape Live #Ham4Ham

To celebrate the release of the “Hamilton: An American Musical” remix album titled “The Hamilton Mixtape”, #Ham4Ham had a special live presentation of a couple of the songs from the album. 21 more words


Disney Formula + Hawaii = Moana

Look, I’m not gonna say Moana was a great movie, but it was a great Disney movie. Like many others I grew up on Disney movies, so I was more than satisfied with the film. 905 more words

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Music Geek Review: The Hamilton Mixtape

I was first introduced to Lin Manuel-Miranda’s Hamilton musical earlier this year by my girlfriend, and it became the soundtrack to my summer, listening to album on repeat for weeks on end, just fully becoming immersed in this show, putting together an epic movie in my head that won’t compare to the actual musical I’m sure if I ever get lucky enough to see it performed.     697 more words


Moana Review

Reviewed by Nicholas Vandeloecht

Between Kubo and Moana, it’s been the year of animated movies that, change a couple characters and details here and there, could have easily turned into movie adaptations of the… 653 more words

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