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On This Day - 23 September 1875 - Billy the Kid is arrested for the first time

While he has Irish connections of his own it is the involvement of William Henry McCarty in an Anglo-Irish war that is of most Irish interest. 778 more words

Roswell, UFOs, and Billy the Kid… The 10,000 Mile Bike Trek

“While working with a camera crew supervising flight testing of advanced aircraft at Edward’s Air Force Base, California, the camera crew filmed the landing of a strange disc object that flew in over their heads and landed on a dry lake nearby. 1,537 more words


this day in crime history: february 18, 1878

On this date in 1878, 24 year old John Henry Tunstall, an English-born rancher, was shot and killed in Lincoln County, NM. Tunstall’s men, including a young upstart who came to be known as Billy the Kid, vowed revenge. 28 more words

True Crime

Jim French: Lincoln County War survivor

Jim French took part in the Lincoln County War.

From regulator to outlaw to settle a score.

Thought he flipped his lid

After joining Billy the Kid, 42 more words

Beckwith Brothers

When yer’ star doesn’t shine

very few will pay you any mind.

Just ask John an’ Robert Beckwith,

real brothers, an’ brothers in law… the tarnished kind. 220 more words

Gardner's 'Fast Horse' is a fast, informative read

There have been dozens of books written about Billy the Kid, so why pick up To Hell on a Fast Horse? Because of Mark Lee Gardner’s meticulous research which, in my opinion, gives far more substance to this subject than so many others written about the famous outlaw and the sheriff who hunted him down. 370 more words