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How Lincoln (2012) Reduced Me To A Blubbering Mess

Thaddeus Stevens’ speech in Congress, and shortly after
“I do not hold in equality with all things, only with equality before the law.” That line deserves an entire monument built for it. 1,532 more words

The One With The Movies

A Patriotic Duty

I just finished watching Lincoln, a film by Steven Spielberg. It is hard to mention this film without commenting on the absolute genius that saturated this film. 784 more words

Barack Obama

Lincoln and the end of slavery

I don’t often write about movies here, but this one has caught my spirit in such a way that I must write about it.

My son  was called after Abraham Lincoln; my husband and I went to see “Mister Lincoln” a one man stage show, played by the great British actor, Roy Dotrice, when I was very pregnant. 453 more words

13th Amendment

Lincoln the movie

I was finally able to see the movie Lincoln. It was nominated for 12 Oscars, including one for Best Actor by Daniel Day Lewis. Lewis is the only actor in history to win three Oscars for Best Actor. 249 more words


Lincoln The Movie Inspires Mississippi Legislation

Spielberg ‘s epic career includes a multitude of super sci-fi and true to life depictions of American history. In Spielberg’s latest film Lincoln, he captures the events surrounding the last four months of his life and his efforts to pass the Thirteenth Amendment. 240 more words


The Fascination with the Death of Willie Lincoln

Well, being the Civil War geek that I am, I finally found time to go see the movie “Lincoln.” I’m a guy who is almost always disappointed that something is not as big, grand, or awesome as my expectations – like, I thought Mount Rushmore was a terrible disappointment as so very small compared to my imagination. 602 more words

General Civil War Themes

Lincoln movie

It’s refreshing to see a movie that will take a good amount of time to tell a story without all the flashy pizzazz we are so used to these days. 75 more words