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Picture a rogue squadron of down-filled pencil pushers coordinating a squalid attempt at what they believe to be a most fertile salad dressing, but what we know to be a seasonal jaunt through the woods in search of pine cones shaped like Abe Lincoln. 191 more words


Lincoln Fight Factory brings Brazilian martial art to the county

Jiu Jitzu is a prominent part of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), originating in Brazil, it has taken off with the rise of MMA promotions such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the United States.  818 more words


Maliseet Launching Ceremony for Handmade Wabanaki Canoe

Intern Tobias Francis installs a rib on the Wabanaki birch-bark canoe to be launched at the Damariscotta town landing on Thursday, April 27.

During the past month, many hands have shaped bark, bent ribs, split and lashed spruce roots, laid in planks, wedged ribs into place, and sealed seams. 201 more words


First taste of progress

My first run outdoors was a bit of a rude awakening. My feet weren’t hitting the ground right, my breathing wasn’t in rhythm, the songs in my playlist weren’t energetic enough, and my side ached after the first hill, over the pedestrian bridge from the stadium to the North Bottoms. 386 more words