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A House Divided

What an interesting few weeks we have had lately. It seems only last week I was wondering which poorly coiffed whack-a-doodle was going to depress a button and send us all into nuclear winter and now my thoughts have been spun toward — or backwards — to The Civil War. 1,220 more words

In the Face of All This Hate.

Just after the violence of Charlottesville, after watching scenes of white supremacists, and neo-nazis, carrying torches, and chanting hate; I saw a tv trailer. It was on PBS, and it was a scene from Ken Burns famous documentary, “The Civil War.” The scene was of a new military cemetery, located on the battlefield of Gettysburg. 267 more words

Lincoln Was Not Very Popular

Lincoln was not very popular until revisionist changed the narrative….
He was so hated in the North that the New York Times editorialized a wish that he would be assassinated. 176 more words

Lincoln Cathedral Roof

Above: Looking towards the western end of the nave while standing on the floor. Not all the masonry is in a line.

When visiting one of England’s cathedrals we often marvel at the construction. 458 more words



During his lifetime and through most of subsequent American history, Robert E. Lee was universally admired in both the north and the south.  To understand why we need to look at the whole historical record. 709 more words