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Back in the game

AS most of you all probably know, just over a week ago, I took park in a live phone-in with Siren FM (a community radio station based in the heart of Lincoln). 206 more words


We're going on a Manhunt

After all the efforts, stress and pressure lincoln had experienced during the war is was time to take a break, I on the other hand was on business but like Mr Lincoln i decided it was the hour to relax. 210 more words

Week 5

The More Things Change

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The old adage can be applied to many things, but it is our president and our politicians that I’m concerned with. 525 more words

Episode 6 - Lainey Nebesniak (Part 1)

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Lainey stopped by RBP Studios to have a conversation on the record with the guys and, well, good times were had by all.   27 more words

Donny With Scissors

Lincoln's EP goes National

Mr. Lincoln sees that this Emancipation Proclaimation is key in this war as motive for winning it as well as doing what is right in the eyes of the majority or the world. 206 more words

Week 5

When Did We Move to Seattle?

What a wet and cold weekend. I am actually happy to see it go. 59 more words


Day 3: Looking for Lincoln's Museum

After parking and making the ascent in an elevator barely large enough to change your mind in, we found ourselves in a street turned pedestrian plaza – and not marked as such on any map. 211 more words

Westward Trip