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HAES® Matters: American Thanksgiving

Knowing that American Thanksgiving can generate a mix of reaction, be it about the politics and history of the day or the current focus on consumerism (Black Friday shopping), consumption (of food or material “stuff”) or being thankful and expressing thanks, ASDAH’s blog committee wanted to hear from some of our HAES Experts on this subject. 2,894 more words

Fall Ferguson

the HAES® files: Just Add Connection—Recipes for Knowledge Creation in Nutrition

by Lucy Aphramor, PhD, RD, and Linda Bacon, PhD

As a nutrition professor at a community college, Linda Bacon saw the shortcomings of existing textbooks where nutrition science was approached from a reductionist perspective. 1,532 more words

Health At Every Size

the HAES files: honey, I can’t shrink the kids - why the Obamas need a new doctor

by Linda Bacon, PhD

 In a well-meaning attempt to improve the health of our nation’s children, Michelle Obama took Americans into her daughters’ pediatrician’s office. A few years back, she recollected on the Yahoo “Shine” website, their doctor warned her the girls’ BMIs were edging up. 728 more words

Health At Every Size

The HAES files: on the fat beat, the Health At Every Size(R) approach deserves “equal weight”

By Linda Bacon, PhD

By overlooking the Health at Every SizeSM approach, aren’t journalists missing the full story on fat? In coverage of the so-called War on Obesity, why is the HAES-led Peace Movement so invisible? 865 more words

Health At Every Size