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"Poetry is a string of words that parades without a permit."

“Poetry is a string of words that parades without a permit.”

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Poets Will Heal the World

Daughters, the women are speaking…
Daughters, I love you.
Linda Hogan, “The Women Speaking”

In this first week of the Female Voice, we have already begun to move mountains. 269 more words


Healing with Love

This morning I was blessed to share time with yes, an amazing leader, but even more importantly, an amazing person … Linda Hogan.

And yes, we talked about healthcare, we talked about cancer, we talked about patients and families, we talked about healing,  we talked about the new book she is writing, we talked about the brokenness of the healthcare system and we talked about the flames of good within the healthcare system we can fan to grow and impact even more … 432 more words

Relationship Centered Care

Book Review: Power by Linda Hogan

Title: Power
Author: Linda Hogan
Published: 1998
Genre: Adult Literary Fiction

Summary: When sixteen-year-old Omishto, a member of the Taiga Tribe, witnesses her Aunt Ama kill a panther-an animal considered to be a sacred ancestor of the Taiga people-she is suddenly torn between her loyalties to her Westernized mother, who wants her to reject the ways of the tribe, and to Ama and her traditional people, for whom the killing of the panther takes on grave importance. 331 more words

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