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The Sudden Dream

I hadn’t dreamed about you in years, and yet, lately, whenever I’d, closed my eyes to sleep, you’re, all that I see, and, I see you, in ALL the stages of your life, from when you were, just a young lad, to how, you’d grown old, and, walked more slowly, and toward the very end, when you couldn’t, even walk anymore, that I’d, carried you everywhere, despite how heavy you’d become. 136 more words


For sometime now I have been living in the secret room of my silence. Bathing with the salty waters that runs endlessly from the unknown fountain.. 288 more words


Wish to be invincible

When is it going to end?

How many more times, I’ll be here, sitting by my window like this? How many more nights of silent sobbing? 326 more words


If Only

If only we will be true to ourselves

And say what is in our hearts

Then maybe we could say

That we are truly happy and free… 54 more words



If you could look into my eyes right now
If you could listen to my heartbeat when I think of you

If you could feel the warmth of my hand in yours… 63 more words


Broken Soul

When I say loving you is giving my best to life…. It wasn’t poetry

When I say loving you reminds me of how much I hate myself…. 148 more words


How I Love You

Every breath I take fills me with thoughts of you…

Everything delicious I taste reminds me of how good I feel when I am with you… 42 more words