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Fashion Victims - Bangladesh

Fashion Victims – Bangladesh: The shocking truth behind the real cost of your favourite clothes, Bangladeshi lives.

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Everyone loves a bargain, but what’s the real cost of cheap clothes from Bangladesh’s sweat shops? 250 more words

Disposable Clothing

Eco Spotlight: Kaight

Are you looking for a one stop shop for eco-friendly and sustainable clothes accessories? If the answer is yes, look no further than Kaight, the independently owned boutique located in New York. 222 more words


Designer Spotlight: Linda Loudermilk

A lot of the times when you hear sustainable clothing, or eco-friendly clothes you don’t immediately think of something sexy and fierce. Designer Linda Loudermilk set out to change the way we think about sustainable by creating a luxury eco-clothing. 240 more words


Linda Loudermilk


Linda is a luxury fashion designer whose collections did not start out as eco-friendly, but does anyone’s really? After becoming popular in the couture fashion world, she realized her designs had no real purpose. 359 more words


Haute Couture comes one Step Closer to Sustainable Fashion: Stella McCartney, Gucci and more! #Sustainable #Environment #Fashion

As more designers and brands continue to edge closer to being sustainable fashion, we are beginning to see biodegradable materials become increasingly popular in upcoming collections. 315 more words

Friday's Eco Fashion Pick- Linda Loudermilk

by Tabitha St. Bernard

Linda Loudermilk’s clothing doesn’t scream eco or sustainable, and I love that. Clothes should be beautiful first and foremost. Being conscientious doesn’t have to mean looking blah. 203 more words


A New Mindset

So after studying all of these exciting innovations it’s baffling that it all hasn’t really caught on.  What’s going on?

The main excuse for not utilizing these materials and processes available is usually cost.   545 more words