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Can we stop subsidizing executive stock options and enriching the rich?

If you’re a top executive at a major corporation, no need to read further; you’ll know all this. But if you’re an ordinary person, you may not. 745 more words


War, Money And Nazis

An excerpt from the transcript for the above May 6, 2015 Democracy Now segment follows:

AMY GOODMAN: In this clip, a first sergeant describes his commander’s order to randomly fire on a neighborhood in the Gaza Strip during the assault last summer. 4,712 more words


The case for proportional representation: Your move, Mr. Trudeau

Perhaps the only thing more offensive than the way Stephen Harper has changed Canada is the fact he’s done it without the support of anything approaching a majority of Canadians. 861 more words


How Harper killed medicare — and got away with it

The Harper government’s anti-democratic actions have been so numerous, it’s easy to lose track of them. I almost forgot, for instance, about the way it… 879 more words


The CIA torture report — and the blood on Canada’s hands

When it comes to torture, it’s hard not to look good compared to the U.S. authorities who, among other things, subjected an Algerian prisoner to ice-water baths and 66 hours of standing sleep deprivation … before discovering he was not the person they thought he was. 773 more words


The gap between rich and poor is killing growth

No doubt the rich and powerful have been cracking up with laughter for decades over their ability to peddle ‘trickle-down economics’ to a trusting public. But a surprisingly strong report just released by the prestigious OECD may cause the public to regard these wealthy snakeoil salesmen more skeptically in the future. 806 more words


Why the robocalls conspiracy will happen again — quietly

If you’re a low-level political operative, the conviction of Conservative party staffer Michael Sona for his role in the robocall scandal may well have deterred you from committing voter fraud in the future. 845 more words