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Linda Rondstadt has something to say in the ’70s on 7: AT 40 Countdown (2/16/15)

Pick up the pieces and get dancin’ with this week’s ’70s on 7 countdown! Lisa Rondstadt snags the number one spot with You’re Not Good. Average White Band lands at number two with Pick Up The Pieces. 263 more words


Get Closer - Linda Ronstadt

Chart Position: 29

  • Written by Jon Carroll
  • Guitars: Waddy Wachtel, Danny Kortchmar, Andrew Gold
  • Backing vocals: Andrew Gold, Kenny Edwards, Waddy Wachtel, Peter Asher
  • Produced by Peter Asher
  • Recorded in Los Angeles CA
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Snapshots from my record rounds

Last weekend Lorri and I agreed to spend Saturday thrifting.  For Lorri it’s an important part of her side business, for me it’s a way to seek out cheap vinyl.  935 more words

I Will Always Love You(下)

聰叔叔:  聰叔叔與炯叔叔温叔叔識於微時,一起吃喝玩樂多年。中學後分道揚鑣勇闖美國加拿大英國,廿年後再聚首一堂。喜歡懷舊,但也樂於接受新事物;喜歡80年代音樂,但也不抗拒新時代音樂,因為不想變成一件老餅。

上回談到很多人並不了解”I Will Always Love You”這首歌的真正內容而用在不適合的場合上,據聞薩達姆‧侯賽因 (Saddam Hussein) 也有類似的錯誤經驗,在2002年他用了阿拉伯語版本的”I Will Always Love You”作為他競選連任伊拉克總统的宣傳歌。明顯地,他並不知道這是一首「散水」歌。而Dolly Parton也沒有得到她應得的版權費。

在1974年當Dolly Parton的”I Will Always Love You”得到Billboard Hot Country Songs冠軍後,Elvis Presley表示很有興趣翻唱這首歌。當他的經理人和Dolly Parton傾談合作條件時要求擁有此曲的50%版權,如此苛刻要求即時遭到Dolly的拒絕。雖然失去一次和”貓王”合作的機會可能有點可惜,但在十多年後証明了這是一個非常英明的決定。 148 more words


Random Thoughts #17: The Grammy Awards

I don’t know if it’s good or bad that I don’t know 99% of the artists, or their music, that were nominated for Grammy Awards this year. 47 more words