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Jerome? Wow, you really DO learn something new every day. I’m really enjoying how this Jerome “Bull” Bushka career retrospective flies right in the face of Linda’s sudden concerns re: her husband’s wacky antics. 189 more words

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Nombril de semaine...

Happy Wednesday, lovely readers! As some of you might have noticed, this week, I am spending a lot of my time at MontrĂ©al’s World Film Festival. 327 more words


You Can't Un-Ring That Bell

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“After he hurt he knee he was never the same. He tried to compensate by running with his head, which resulted in literally many hundreds of concussions per game, not to mention neck and spine injuries galore. 179 more words

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August 28, 2016

SCC 8:00



Bench 45k

Power Cleans 45k

Deadlifts 95k

Bench u/b. Did it! Deads hard, but powered through. Did 6 first round, but finished 5 down u/b.

The Fault, Bull, Lies Not In The Cartoon Stars Swirling Around Our Heads....

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Look at Les today, thinking to himself, “ewwww, jocks and sportsball, yuck! Well, it serves him right after bullying me for all those years. 168 more words

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Sepia Water-Colored Loss Of Memories

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Dick Facey once again steals the show with his always-annoying presence. He looks more disgusted than concerned in panel three. He is impossible to draw in any way that isn’t completely objectionable. 227 more words

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