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Surveying diversity at Lindblom

By: Kaylin Davis

Lindblom students have become increasingly aware of how diversity is lacking within their school. A recent survey found that over half of the students do not think the school is doing a fair enough job at representing all cultures.  240 more words


Lindblom Under Construction, Causing Unhappy Eagles

By: Delaney Nash

At the end of last school year, Lindblom began major renovations on the 100 year old building. These renovations include tuckpointing, roof repair, painting the walls, and more. 322 more words


Easterly, the new face in town

Fresh on the grounds of Lindblom is Assistant Principal Ms. Kelli Easterly. Ms. Easterly’s focus is with the 7th-9th graders, but her main role is to help all of the Eagles soar. 164 more words


Meet our new English teacher, Ms. Ata

This year at Lindblom we have a great deal of new teachers, one of them being an English teacher known as Ms. Ata. After asking a few questions, we’ve learned more about her beyond her role as an English teacher thanks to an interview conducted by Kyla Danzy. 556 more words


Teacher of many names hits the ground running

This year, we welcome a new teacher only known by one name to students, Ms. Sweeney. She is the new addition to the English department. We had an editor from the Talon Jai Bartley sit and chat with this new addition to the eagle family. 417 more words


Flyers Development Camp 3v3 Tournament Recap

By Dan Silver (@dsilver88)

Prospects Galore

Everyone loves prospects! Before they become NHL’ers, it’s all upside, all left to the imagination. The reality is that a lot of prospects don’t pan out for whatever reason. 3,375 more words

Leaving the nest

By: Autumn Harris and Jacqueline Thorton