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2018 tree following 11: Year of the linden

Every year I put together a round-up of images of the seasons of the tree I am following, but sometimes I do this in December and sometimes January. 308 more words

American Basswood Buds

Bark, silhouettes and buds are the three keys to identifying trees in winter. Buds of different tree species are so distinctive they are an excellent identification tool. 138 more words

Tea Giving: Day 11 (Immune Booster)

Also known as our Mighty Immune Booster – one of our Wellness Infusions.

Drinking this is like adding more troups to the front to win the bug war. 390 more words


Drapey Mustard Linden

Another week, another Linden!

This Linden features a very simple ‘hack’, and is my entry for the “Stitched with a Twist” Instagram challenge. I’ve been planning to make this Linden since last March when I spotted the sweatshirt below in an email from Uniqlo. 185 more words


Lovely Linden

Jim Law at Linden is revered in Northern Virginia wine. With good reason. Even when I was here 11 years ago, the wine was solid. It’s just gotten better. 635 more words

Winery Visit

Episode 36: Phenology Throwdown for November 2018

As leaves fall from trees, the sugary sap that was produced during photosynthesis is stored within trunks, branches, and roots. Storing this surplus helps trees survive the winter and allows them to prepare for the following spring. 88 more words