Why you should visit Greece

I have sometimes wondered how it would be like to visit Greece. There are numerous legends surrounding the country that have caught my quiescent attention, such as the ancient city of Athens. 677 more words


Tini Stoessel - Qué lindos compañeros y q increíble experiencia!! Quien fue ...

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The Top Most Beautiful Beaches on Rhodes

I spent a whole summer in Rhodes this year, so I had plenty of time to discover the island. I listened to my collegues/friends as well while talking about what to see, they gave me many tips too. 1,024 more words


Paradise in Pefkos

Last Thursday in the very early morning, Debbie & I returned from a week’s holiday in Pefkos, a seaside resort in the island of… 4,040 more words


My Favourite Holiday


Today I am sharing my favourite holiday with you.

We visited Rhodes, Greece two years ago and it was the best holiday I’ve had. We rented our own villa with a private pool and hire car. 529 more words

Travel post: Rhodes (Greece)

This October, me and my fiancé went on holiday to Greece. It seemed on absolute lifetime from when we booked it, but finally we were on our way. 364 more words


Rhodes, East to West, North to South

Day 3 in Rhodes, we decided to visit the beautiful coastal town of Lindos. The traditional houses look like sugar cubes below the Acropolis. It was far too busy to even park the car, and most of the town is closed to car traffic, so we took a few pictures from a nearby viewpoint and moved further south. 236 more words