Visiting Rhodes, Greece

After our stay in Symi – you can read about it in my first post – mom and I continued to explore another island: Rhodes. And boy, did we do some exploring! 1,022 more words


Closer To Olympus - Day Four - A Souvlaki to Sum Up, or Further From Olympus

Previously, on “Closer To Olympus”:

We went to have dinner in the restaurant, and went back to our rooms to rest before going out to the club we bought tickets to the other day.

1,181 more words

Closer To Olympus - Day Three - The White Village

Man, this trip is short!

We’re nearly coming to the close of this vacation as we are bound to return to Israel on the next day. 2,317 more words


Closer To Olympus - Day One - Our Favorite Supermarket, and The Tremor In Kos

I’m so excited about writing this, guys. A brand new story, another one of my few travels. Maaaannn, I love sharing stuff! Well, not too much stuff, but only the stuff that matters. 2,500 more words


Closer To Olympus - Prologue

Ever broke up with a partner and decided to get back together? Ever tried to think of a good contribution to rebuilding your relationship anew? 260 more words


Rhodes 2017

Way back in September I went on holiday to Rhodes Greece for 2 weeks. One of the highlights was visiting Mussolini’s abandoned summer home in the mountains. 10 more words