Rhodes Day #2

On my second day on Rhodes, I went to Lindos.

I had booked a ferry trip a week ahead, but hadn’t paid; when I tried to find the shop where I was supposed to pay and pick up the tickets, I was found instead by a woman in a red shirt who directed me onwards to the harbour, where I found a man in a red shirt who told me the boat was broken and tried to sell me an expensive minibus ride instead. 284 more words



I’ve been home an entire 8 days and only just now getting the chance to ignore everyone in the office, sit with a cuppa and talk about my holiday to Rhodes in Greece. 242 more words


3 Great Things to do in Rhodes (in no particular order)

There are many great thing to do in Rhodes, whether you’re there for several days or if your ship allows only a few hours, here are our favourite things to do on the Island of Rhodes… 359 more words


Rhodes Island.

So I am sitting on the plane, going home form this little holiday I took through the tour agency.

Before I started writing, I definitely thought that I will have a full list of cons for this particular trip, but as sadness of leaving and going back to the wet and cold Autumn kicks in all the negative things sort of drift away into “I don’t want to care” category. 1,312 more words


A Day in Rhodes, Greece

Hi Everyone!!!

This post is reaaallllly overdue, but I want to tell you all about this beautiful and thoroughly underrated Greek island that quickly became one of my favorites. 1,572 more words