Travel Writing: A historical view of Lindos

As the golden sun cascaded from the sky, and the cool blue ocean spray landed on my face, I felt a strong breeze pass through my long locks of hair, as the boat continued on it’s route to Lindos, on the Island of Rhodes. 596 more words

Rhodes: Picture-perfect Ancient Village of Lindos

Stunning whitewashed houses climbing amphitheatrically the slopes of a hill topped with a fortress at the end of a sweeping blue bay with a golden sandy beach make… 550 more words


Rhodes Cave Diving

When I think of ‘extreme sports’ my mind conjures up images of skydiving, surfing, snowboarding and the like: basically the kind of adrenaline fueled adventures Johnny Utah has in Point Break, or maybe Xander Cage in xXx. 2,567 more words

14th June - Rhodes "ent a car" touring

Organising ourselves a pizza delivery van as a rental car, it is amusing with the “R” having fallen off the sign writing, and therefore we have ourselves an “ent a car”… 356 more words


Blast from the Past: Lindos

The summer is in its full bloom here in Luzern. Despite I love this time of the year, I’m still dreaming of escaping to the seaside. 64 more words



In relation to the previous blog post, here are some more pictures of our stay in Lindos.

We arrived back in England earlier this month, and just looking at these pictures is giving me the holiday blues again :( 87 more words