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Histories and Legacies

Me and Richard Lester. Photo by Sheldon Hall, complete with psychedelic projections. Thanks, Sheldon!

The image above was taken at the symposium British Cinema in the 1960s: Histories and Legacies… 624 more words



Lindsay Anderson and Dana Vanveller hatched a plan to travel across Canada in a quest to   discover what Canadians eat.  We all know that Canada is comprised of many ethnic backgrounds throughout the ten provinces and three territories and when I read that they were going to do this I thought I’ve got to pick their book up –  “Feast – Recipes and Stories from a Canadian Road Trip”.   198 more words

This & That

Perfect Directors: Lindsay Anderson

Some directors don’t need a long filmography to secure their status as a perfect director. In fact, as it’s been demonstrated from the filmographies of… 2,010 more words


Feast by Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller

I’ve been on a hold list at my local library for eight months to try and get my hands on Feast, and I finally found it by happy accident on the Express shelf. 201 more words

Lindsay Anderson's Disunited Kingdom - A School, a Hospital and a Lucky Man

Wasn’t it ever thus? Most of us in Britain moan about the state of the two former things while a lucky man nabs the spoils to leave he rest us of us gasping and gawping for the economic scraps in a supposed land of plenty. 520 more words

O Lucky Man!

Dir: Lindsay Anderson, 1973


Many films have sequels that you didn’t know about. They may not have deserved a sequel, or the follow up is at totally the opposite ends of the spectrum. 543 more words

Saturday Matinee: Britannia Hospital

“Britannia Hospital” (1982) is the third installment of director Lindsay Anderson’s “Mick Travis Trilogy”. Like the other films in the series, it’s a dark comedy following a particularly eventful chapter in the life of Mick Travis (Malcolm McDowell) as he confronts various disturbing and absurd aspects of Britain and western society in general. 148 more words