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Gifted ⭐⭐⭐

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Marc Webb returns to his indie roots after 2 “Amazing” Spider-Man movies in this drama about a mathematically gifted girl who is also way more mature and savvy than others her age. 99 more words



“…Director, Marc Webb, uses his strongly-commercial touch to good effect here…”

Wayward Wolf.

On paper, Gifted offers nothing particularly new to the tug-of love emotional drama genre, but so well realised is this charming little film, that thankfully such a potential issue never really springs to mind, or if it does, it’s never really able to take root. 441 more words

The Girl Shines- Gifted Film Review

Captain America is always busy saving the world but what if he needed the saving himself? Chris Evans (Captain America) settles in comfortably in the role of Uncle Frank in the film Gifted directed by Marc Webb who is known for making the Amazing Spiderman films. 171 more words


Starring: Chris Evans, McKenna Grace, Octavia Spencer, Lindsay Duncan, Jenny Slate, Glenn Plummer
Directed By: Marc Webb
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Movie Review


Gifted thrives on it’s hugely passionate and wonderfully charming central relationship

Mary (McKenna Grace) is a child genius. With her uncle (Chris Evans) as her guardian, she starts at a state elementary school. 270 more words


Carnage (2017)

As mockumentaries go, Carnage may well be the first one to genuinely lampoon the culture of veganism while also making a very powerful, liberal prescient point. 1,303 more words



Frank Adler (Chris Evans, Captain America) is a single man raising his niece Mary (McKenna Grace) after the death of her mother. His plans to give Mary a normal life are thrown into disarray however when after her first day at school it becomes clear that she is a Maths prodigy. 639 more words