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Thai Dessert Shop Makes Realistic Puppy Puddings, Divides Internet

Thai Dessert Shop Makes Realistic Puppy Puddings, Divides Internet

By Spooky on May 19th, 2017 Category: Foods

Coconut cream puddings are very popular in Thailand, but while they usually come in flower shapes, one dessert shop in Pathun Thani, north of Bangkok, decided to shake things up a bit by using puppy-shaped molds instead. 107 more words

Party Time Excellent: The Strappy Sandal

Chanel Ankle Purse | Raye x NBD x Revolve Hunter Heels (worn throughout)

The sun’s rising, you feel the nice breeze and the temps heat up. 640 more words



When my brother Jay was born, I wanted my mother to pierce his ear. I thought pierced ears on boys were cute.

“That is so nineties. 261 more words

I Have A Story For Everything

Comparative Socialite Studies: Paris Hilton and the Dawn of a New Era


Welcome to your new course: Comparative Socialite Studies (Pop Culture – 2101). In today’s lecture, we cover Ms. Paris Hilton, the original celebutante! We examine her meteoric rise to fame, her alarming malice, and the genius that created an empire. 47 more words


Scary Movie 5 (2013)

Released 2013 Rating (UK) 15 Source of story A tenuous relationship with the previous movies in the franchise Writer/s Script David Zucker, Pat Proft Director… 202 more words
2010 - 2015

How To 'Oprah Hug'

I’m not a big hugger. I don’t know what it is about physical contact, but I generally just.. don’t like it. I like people, I like my friends, but I don’t usually want to be wrapped up in anyone’s arms if I can help it. 173 more words