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Fantasy 101: A Lesson in Game Genre, Part 2


Without fantasy as a genre, the gaming industry would be remarkably different. Fantasy is one of the core genres of gaming and most games have at least a touch of fantasy in them. 1,073 more words


Friday Favorites - Cat Edition

It’s FRIDAY!  And even though I work on Saturday, I still love Friday!!

Here are a few of my favorite things…. Cats, Cats and more Cats… 57 more words


Even breathing is sometimes hard

Partner Teacher Suzy was out Tuesday at a meeting. So I had to go it alone.

Kind of.

Lindsay from Center for Mindful Learning came, which meant I wasn’t alone. 523 more words


Chicago Blackhawks: True Rival of Today’s Detroit Red Wings

Often times, NBCSports’ Wednesday Night Rivalry Night delivers a matchup of two marketable teams from big market cities. Tonight’s Red Wings-Blackhawks matchup offers that, plus a respectable rivalry in today’s NHL. 442 more words

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now what?

The moment you start having feelings for 1 of the 3 people you are “chatting” with…now what?

This is probably why I am not someone who cheats or could ever handle being a “sister wife”! 249 more words


Fantasy 101: A Lesson in Game Genre, Part 1

The medium of video games is one that is almost always in flux. Thanks to the increased speed of technological advances, video games are advancing more quickly than any other media before it. 1,051 more words


Muddy Feelings

I love it when it’s a mindfulness day.

It seems like we are all in such need of mindfulness, of shutting off all those things that are keeping us in a bad space during the day… 406 more words