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Horror Movie Ice Cream Exists!!!

Do you love Horror movies and ice cream? Well Ben and Jerry’s just answered your prayers! And there is nothing better than to talk about ice cream on a day like today when it was 88 in the Burgh! 131 more words


L: Review of "Inferno" by Dan Brown

​I work in a dangerously small town, the kind that considers itself “modern” for having a Subway, so I wasn’t surprised upon visiting the local library that my pickings were depressingly slim. 571 more words


Met Gala GOWNS!

There are so many events that all of celebrities go to but the #METGALA tops the cake! Because of the Fashion Duh! As ladies we sit and drool over all of the $20,000 plus gowns and wish we could wear them or fit in them for that matter! 94 more words


Hungover? Stressed? Ready to Flip a Table? Unwind With Our Megapost of Relaxing Games

With little fanfare from my corner, I present to you a curated list of all the video games that help our writers relax. From wildly popular first-person shooters to the soothing exploration of an indie favorite, the avid gamers here at… 1,608 more words


SNL Maywether Pacquiao Skit! (Video)

On Saturday “The Fight of the Century went down” between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao and SNL depicted how the fight was going to go down, since this aired right when the real fight was starting! 83 more words


Wiz Khalifa on SNL!!! (Video)

In case your eyes were glued to the Maywether Pacquiao fight on Saturday night,  Wiz was on Saturday night Live performing “See you again”! You really missed out if you didn’t watch, but that’s why I am here to save the day! 24 more words


Grandpa's Best Friend

I have old box of pictures from my Grandma’s house. Some of the pictures, she gave me a little bit of info with. In this set is my Grandfather Oscar Rowan Lindsay, his mother Edith Basham Lindsay and his best friend Bob Scroder. 109 more words