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The Love/Career Conundrum

I’m not known to be a “good”girlfriend… Or a “good”single person, actually. I’m needy. I’m codependent. I’m independent. I hate humans. Does it all sound like a major contradiction? 460 more words


Lindsay Lohan’s Inexplicable Aliveness Busting Many Death Pools

Twenty-nine-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan has made millions of dollars over a two decade-long career in film and television; however, she’s also cost bettors nearly that much by remaining alive against all reasonable expectations. 272 more words


Thriving on the Borderline of Insanity

In order to get the most out of life you’ve got to make it a challenge; constantly push yourself to the borderline of insanity and that is where opportunities will begin to reward you for your hard work, ambition, and drive!

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Summer Book List

I have a YA Lit summer class that requires me to read 15 books in 4 weeks… Yes, I said 15 books in 4 weeks. We got a list of categories and options and my tentative selections are as follows: 152 more words


Lindsay and Bo's Wedding, Filmed at Sacred Heart Church and Conrad Indianapolis

We had a fantastic day filming for Lindsay and Bo. The weather was beautiful which is not always the case in April and we finally got our new toy err.. 72 more words

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