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God Loves You Reporte Indigo

Antonio Navalón 18-03-2014 

If you are one of the 500 thousand people that used everyday the Línea Dorada towards catastrophe, I offer you my solidarity, I share your terror and I’m with you thanking God for avoiding a gigantic accident. 400 more words

Reporte Índigo


Since midnight last night the southern section of line 12 has been closed due to safety concerns.  Maintenance will be carried out on the elevated section of the track rendering 11 stations  out of operation. 89 more words


Starting up inside a corporation

Launching a brand new, completely unique initiative for a corporation is not far from being a true startup.

Starting up inside a corporation

Yesterday my company launched a… 148 more words


Event planning sucks

I now know why their professions exist and fully respect them.

Event planning sucks

I have been working hard on a new initiative for my company for three months now. 141 more words


Station / Estación #150: Hospital 20 de Noviembre

This station, sandwiched between Insurgentes Sur and Zapata, takes its name (I’m sure you worked it out) from the nearby hospital.  It, in turn, I assume, is named after the significant day in Mexican history of November 20 1910 when Francisco Madero crossed into Mexico from Texas to initiate the Mexican revolution. 445 more words

Mexico City

Station / Estación # 148: Insurgentes Sur [Project Resumption]

I’ve been back in Mexico City a few days.  It has seemed a bit strange at times,walking around the streets of the ‘centro histórico’  793 more words

Mexico City

Suatu Kehormatan Bisa Mencoba Jalur Baru, Jalur Emas, Jalur Dua Belas Metro Ciudad de México

Empat tahun dibangun. Membentang sepanjang 26 kilometer dari Tlahuac – Mixcoac. Jumlah stasiun 20 buah. Semua keretanya baru dan dirakit oleh Industri Kereta Api Spanyol CAF. 175 more words