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An old note I wrote in midnight espresso

Hands in pockets,

Primality of two bodies in a bed,

It’s cold today,  but

what a beautiful day it was.


Black Book Update

As I said in my last post, I have re-discovered my Black Book and one unfinished drawing inside. And having my new white ink to test, it was a perfect opportunity to finish it. 71 more words

Art Therapy

Busy Busy Busy

Today I have a mixed-up post.  Firstly I want to show you some sketches I’m really happy with. I’ve gotten five drawings better (in my mind when I started off I would draw a whole lot of rubbish sketches before I got one right, then that went to about 3 now I’m at 4/5 good drawings in a row AND on a single page lol) 311 more words

Traditional Art

When Everyone Has Gone Home

More from the beach this week. Even when ostensibly relaxing, people are often surprisingly busy and industrious…


Manga Fishing - Part 2

Here’s the side view version of  my manga fisherman, ‘Sam’.

I began with a pencil sketch:

Then I scanned it in a used it for reference to ink the drawing digitally. 66 more words


The Complete "Work In Progress" Line Art For My "Damania Resurrected" Webcomic Mini Series :)

As promised, here’s the complete “work in progress” line art for my “Damania Resurrected” webcomic mini series that finished a couple of days ago.

As you might expect, there are at least a few differences between the dialogue in the line art and the dialogue in the finished comics. 157 more words


Sketches and Sketches

I’ve been doing a lot of sketching in between lately. Not much to show but I’m enjoying the progress!

I always think it would be cool to play around with digitally adding to my sketches but I don’t ever get to it. 79 more words

Traditional Art