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A year ago (I think) I drew Ida Anduyan! Her instagram photos are always on point, I just love them!


Inked Version of Stag and Patreon

Here’s the finished inked version of my Stag painting. I plan on moving into color tomorrow. I also started up a Patreon! Donations are per finished artwork (I don’t charge for sketches or works in progress) and you get access to exclusive content. 42 more words

New Artwork

Free Printable Coloring Pages - Brand new and hot off the press

Interest in the adult coloring book craze has been amazing. You can find book after book in craft stores, book stores and even printable pages online. 157 more words

Sandra McCall

Digital Sketching practise

I used an old traditional sketch to work on this. I’m still getting warmed up to digital painting again. And to the painting program I’m using – Krita. 47 more words


One day I got into a fight with my bestfriend and I was really angry and refused to talk to people much (which is strange because I’m a really social person ) and I spent about a week on my own just drawing and coloring this…….zentangle really helps in calming oneself and reflection…….and what It means to me is that all good things fall apart or are broken to reveal the true darkness (I would have made it darker but I didn’t have much dark markers ) :) well you guys are the first I’m telling about its meaning, other than my sister and I’d really like to hear your own opinions on it


prepare the produce

Today┬áI had some fun with colour. I took this overhead view of various fresh produce being prepared on a cutting board (stock image from… 255 more words

Adobe Illustrator

digital doodling

Today I finally got around to installing the Wacom tablet that Mark bought for me as a birthday present many moons ago when I made my first attempt at becoming some sort of graphic designer. 345 more words

Adobe Illustrator