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Daily Affirmation : Gratitude keeps it going 

So, I think Wednesdays are officially including mailing out orders and coupon clipping. 😑 It’s unavoidable. Lol. I know I’m not the only mom who may or may not leave a pile of coupons sitting. 154 more words

Daily Affirmation in Line Art for ☺️

So, I know we’re (maily) grown ups or getting there. But I’m a big believer in learning and knowing that there is always something you can learn. 37 more words

Daily Affirmation & My Quote: When Life Gives You Lemons. . . 

Just wanted to share a still shot of my butterfly-loving Mermaid, Who thought face her fears and defy all odds, just to have her very own. 75 more words

OpaChi Everything

a finished love story

So, I’m pretty sure I’m finished. Or at least as finished as I’m willing to get at this stage in my life.

Obviously, it’s not professional quality or anything, but considering it’s my first animation, I’d say it’s pretty decent. 14 more words



Helga from Hey Arnold.

This is just a fan art for fun.
Hey Arnold is created by:  Craig Bartlett   and licensed to Nickelodeon

The Nocturnal Hours

To Bitmap and Back Again, Preparing Your Inks for Color

Today over in the Hi-Fi Color Facebook page we had some questions about how to prepare your inked pages for color in Photoshop. This is sort of the crossroads between my two worlds. 1,679 more words

Comic Books

Artwork Types

A vague topic of sorts, but there are different types of artwork that people prefer to work with the most. Artwork types are referring to the style of how you draw, such as traditional or digital. 416 more words