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Line by Line: "Missing You" by John Waite

Line by Line is a recurring feature where we dig deep into the lyrics of a song to try and get at what the artist is really trying to say.  1,258 more words

Line By Line: Why Indiana Needs "Religious Freedom" Legislation

Sometimes, I encounter a piece that I don’t just disagree with. It makes me go, “What is your purpose here?” I’m completely baffled by the argument Professor Daniel O. 1,198 more words

Line By Line

In Which I Compare Laura Kipnis to a Leeching Doctor

Two related pieces have hit my radar, touching on themes on this blog. The first is Laura Kipnis’ polemic about bans on relationships between teachers and students. 1,453 more words

Line By Line

"Sexinomics" is not a Thing

Stop Trying to Make Sexinomics Happen

Facebook’s in-feed ads are a constant source of cynical joy for me, but we have reached new, er, heights? Lows. 351 more words

Line By Line

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