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[bash] read a file line by line

Here is how to read a file line by line in Bash:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

while IFS='' read -r line || [[ -n "$line" ]]; do
    echo "current line: $line"
done < "$1"
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Write it Down

The written word. It has meant so much in my life. Appreciating the words of others written in books, articles, poems and letters has helped me pass many contented and inspired hours. 645 more words

Line By Line

My Pen Flows . . . The Truth Follows

Like running, writing has always fit me and fulfilled me. Beyond defining my personhood, in all honesty it has helped me find my true self. A self that almost drowned in negativity and alcohol before it ever had a chance at adulthood. 731 more words

From Escaping Myself To Finding Myself


If we have this story to write in us

Then why do we feel the need to hide it from

The ones waiting

Breath baiting… 57 more words


Stifling Self-Hatred

How it hurts
The pain
Is so real
It feels like
Or something
Has taken
My heart
And my soul
And wrenched
Them out… 717 more words

From Escaping Myself To Finding Myself

Like Mother, Like Daughter

If you asked me to characterize my relationship with my mother, it isn’t always easy to capture. I love and respect her in many ways. She brought my twelve siblings and I into this world and has led a hard-working, dedicated life for her husband, children, and extended family.  523 more words

Messengers And Menders